Samsung Galaxy S5 Released with Android 4.4.2 – Find Out Best Features

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great smartphone, with loads of features and functions. But the bad part about it, as well as all other high-end smartphones, is the fact that it is fragile, and could easily break. For those of you who want to have a high-end device, packed with all the newest and coolest feature, but are afraid to get one because you are outdoors very often, Samsung has come up with a solution. The solution to your problems comes in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active. The S5 Active, as its name hints, is a version of the Galaxy S5 that is more suited for people who often find themselves outdoors or in conditions considered “extreme” for a smartphone. The S5 Active is more rugged and durable when it comes to hits and shockwaves, therefore if you’re job or hobby implies you going outdoors a lot, you could consider the S5 Active as your daily drive. Samsung is taking care of its S5 Active users as it begun letting out the 4.4.2 update of Android. The rollout has started for devices pertaining to AT&T’s network.

Although it received the firmware update, it might be the last one for the S5 Active, at it is believed by some that the device might not be reaching the current firmware build, which is 4.4.4. The 4.4.2 build which goes by the number G870AUCU1ANG3 has 22 August set as its date, and features some interesting updates:

  • Updates and patches for the device’s security
  • Visual Voice Mail updates
  • Enhanced E-Mail UX
  • Improvements for there-activation lock
  • Lag and crash problems fixed

The device has been rolled out through OTA (Over The Air) transfer, and users can either wait to be prompted by a notification, or go for the manual installation. When prompted, users have 3 available postponement for delaying the update, at a 4 hour interval. After the limit for postponing has been reached, the device will enter the download and install mode automatically.

Here is a quick guide for the manual installation of the firmware update, in case you have not received any notifications on your phone regarding this matter:

  1. Connect your Galaxy S5 Active to a WiFi network (the stronger, the better, of course)
  2. Enter the appropriate screen for updating, by going to your Settings, which you can access from your Home Screen if you have the shortcut, or if not, from your phone’s Menu or App Drawer. Next, go to the More section, and furthermore to the About Device option. Next, tap on Software Update and confirm with OK.
  3. The process will start. Tap on Continue when prompted. The device may restart around this time.
  4. Wait for the process to be completed, then tap Done.

Now, you should have the 4.4.2 firmware installed on your Galaxy S5 Active. If you have other smartphone models, you might have to wait a little longer for your device to hit Android 4.4.2. The only thing you can grab right now is an extra dose of patience.

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