Samsung Galaxy S5 – Top 5 Most Useful Tips and Tricks

List View

The TouchWiz version that was thrown over the Galaxy S5’s Android system has its Settings menu organized in round colored icons. This can be confusing for some people, as the menu is also pretty long. If you feel like you can’t handle it right now, just switch to List View. It will put all the settings in a simple list. Still long, but simpler.

Power Saving Mode

By activating the phone’s Power Saving Mode, you get a lot more battery out of your device, as it modifies itself to sustain more life for the device. There are two types of Power Saving Mode options available. One is the regular power saving function, that is a little friendlier, while the other one, the Ultra Power Saving Mode, runs through everything your phone has, turning off functions everywhere and leaving you with only the bare essentials. The second one is for when you are going on a trip or you know you won’t be able to reach a power outlet the whole day, and isn’t ideal for daily use.


By activating the Toolbox feature from your phone’s settings, you will get a bubble with three dots. This bubble will give you quick and easy access to your favorite apps, which you can carry around with you on every screen you go, with the help of the bubble. This feature is great and pretty useful as well, as it saves you time.

Fingerprint Scanner

The fingerprint scanner feature present on the Galaxy S5 can be a very cool and useful feature, but some complain that it doesn’t work properly. If you too have tried the fingerprint scanner function and didn’t come up with positive results, you should take into consideration, the fact that the fingerprint scanner, when you touch it with your finger, will scan and look for the fingerprint you registered earlier. If you registered a print by holding your device with one hand while setting the finger from your other hand straight onto the scanner, you probably won’t succeed when trying it out. When you normally use the smartphone, you hold it with one hand, and swipe with your thumb (from the same hand) sideways, therefore that is exactly the positioning and motion you have to apply when you register your print. If you do that, you should have no problem in unlocking your device afterwards, and enjoy this cool function.

Premium Subscriptions for free

Samsung announced that every Samsung Galaxy S5 will be given  $500 worth of premium subscriptions for Samsung services. Even if these services don’t fit your needs, you can still try out some premium services for free, so why not take advantage?

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