Samsung Galaxy S5 Top Speed Boost Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks on how to make your Samsung Galaxy S5 run faster, besides pressing the factory reset button. The Galaxy S5 isn’t an old device, but it suffers from laggy user interface, namely Samsung’s added UI on top of Android, TouchWiz. All the bloatware apps that come with the device are also part of the problem, as they also slow your phone down.

Custom Launcher

Changing your stock launcher for a custom one is a good idea, especially for the Galaxy S5, because of how laggy the phone’s user interface can be. Samsung’s TouchWiz has gotten old, and quite frankly, a pain in the neck to deal with at times. You won’t solve all your dilemmas with a custom launcher, but its presence will be felt, especially on the home screen. There are several options of custom launchers you can choose from, just by going to the Google Play Store and looking around.

Deactivate App launch at start

When you start up your Galaxy S5, you would expect it to run as smooth as it gets, because it is freshly turned on, right? Well, no, that’s not how it works, because the S5 has a lot of applications and functions. And if they all start launching and syncing at the same time, your phone will be anything but smooth,That’s why it’s a good idea to deal with apps that are running in the background and you don’t need. If you have root access, use System Tuner to freeze your undesired apps, but if you don’t, you can use the Task Manager as well. You could always go to your Apps and simply deactivate the apps that you don’t need, or check each individual app ( like the Google apps, for example) for auto-sync and start  on boot options, and deactivate them.

Less animations

This one doesn’t actually improve the speed of your Galaxy S5, but it really does give it a snappy feel and makes it feel like it’s going faster. You can go to your Developer Settings, then choose the Animations Scale and Transition Scale options, and then setting them off. You should, however, start by setting them on a different rate, so you can see exactly what they do. After that, you can decide for your own if you truly want to turn them off. If you don’t know how to get to your Developer Options, just go to the About Phone screen in your Settings, then tap repeatedly on the build number. This will enable the developers options which you will see the option for, if you hit the Back key, you go to the previous screen.

No widgets

If your screen is full of widgets, then your phone will probably run slower than it would or should. Especially if your home screens are still the way Samsung shipped them to you, full of Samsung-related widgets, like S-Health, Galaxy Gifts, Galaxy Essentials, My magazine, and so on. All these widgets require resources to stay updated, so turning them off will increase your phone’s performance significantly.

Get rid of S-Voice

Unless you use the S-Voice function, you should disable it right away, because when the S-Voice feature is activated and you press your Home button, the phone will wait a moment to see if you are going to tap it again. Double tapping the Home button brings out the S-Voice. By disabling the S-Voice, you can get to the home screen just as soon as you press that button, so that’s something that makes a difference in speed.

Completely delete bloatware

The bloatware apps that come pre-installed with your Galaxy S5 are a big part of why your phone isn’t performing as well as it should, because they run background processes and perform syncs and scans that are gradually slowing down the beast that is the Samsung Galaxy S5. For this, however, you will need root access to your phone, and yes, rooting your device does come with some risks, but if you do decide to root yours, you will feel the benefits of your decision.

Consider a Custom ROM

If you go through with rooting your phone, there’s no reason not to flash on a brand new Custom ROM. There many available options available, but you should look for a ROM that is recommended for speed. CyanogenMod is the recommended developer when it comes to Custom ROMs.

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