Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo vs. Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo+: Specs Comparison

samsung galaxy s3 neo vs samsung galaxy s3 neo plus

As Samsung evidently takes part in the fast growing economic market when it comes to smartphone sales, Samsung is known to manufacture phones with a very fast rate to ensure that they make phones that are able to cater to smartphone users of any age or whatever category there is.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo and Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo+ are 2 of the latest smartphones Samsung has released this year which are considered to be almost virtually alike in every way and yet still has particular hardware and software features which tell us how they’re really different and how Samsung does not manufacture phones with the same specs.


Both phones, being on the same wavelength when it comes to Samsung smartphones, have the same dimensions of 136.60 x 70.70 x 8.60 mm, same weight of 132g. Both phones also has the same battery capacity of up to 2100 mAh with removable batteries.


When it comes to display features, both phones have screen sizes of 4.80 inches with a capacitive touchscreen feature which is known to be efficient when it comes to smartphones with screen sizes of 4 inches and above. Both phones also have screen resolutions of 720×1280 pixels, high screen resolutions are known to be a signature feature of most Samsung phones.

Hardware and Software

In terms of hardware features, it is important to note that both phones come with a 1.4GHz processor which is considered to be a very efficient one for latest smartphones. In considering the storage capacity, the Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo has a RAM capacity of up to 1.5GB, internal storage of up to 16GB and an expandable memory via microSD card of up to 64GB. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo+ has a RAM capacity of up to 1.5 GB, internal storage of up to 16GB and an expandable memory of up to 32GB, something which makes this phone a little behind compared to the former.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo has an Android 4.4 operating system, something which is slightly more advanced than that of the Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo+ which is only an Android 4.3 which can be rooted to the consideration that the Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo came out a little later than the Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo+.


When it comes to camera power features, both phones have an 8 megapixel rear camera and a1.9 megapixel front camera, a good camera feature for latest smartphones in the market.

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Which one to choose between the two?

These two smartphones are quite alike when it comes to its main and general features but it is important to note that the Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo would be something more valuable in terms of quality and money considering its release date compared to the Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo +. Also, more smartphone users will probably opt to purchase the Galaxy SIII Neo because of its more up to date features compared to the Galaxy SIII Neo+.

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