Samsung Galaxy SIII Slim Vs. Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo: Specs Comparison

samsung galaxy s3 slim vs samsung galaxy s3 neo

The growing variety of smartphones in the market gives smartphone users the liberty of choosing what they think will suit them more. The Samsung Galaxy SIII Slim and the Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo despite their supposed similarity with each other because of their name, these two Samsung Android phones actually have many differences.


Both the Samsung Galaxy SIII Slim and Galaxy SIII Neo have a touchscreen feature that is very efficient for screen sizes 4.50 inches and 4.80 inches respectively. With this, the SIII Neo’s resolution is quite higher than of the SIII Slim. With SIII Neo’s 720×1280 screen resolution, it has 306 pixels per image, something that is not applicable with the SIII Slim. If you are keen in choosing a phone with quality display then I must say you should choose SIII Neo over SIII Slim.

Hardware and Software

Both smartphones has a 1.2GHz quad-core processor but in terms of storage, the two phones have differences. The SIII Slim’s RAM is only 1GB while the SIII Neo has 1.5GB, also the SIII Slim’s internal storage is only 8GB compared to the SIII Neo having 16 GB. Despite this, both is capable of expandable storage through a microSD card but still, the SIII Slim can only have to 32GB while SIII Neo can have up to 64GB. Most smartphone users are observant especially when it comes to a phone’s storage capacity. With this, the SIII Neo is far better than the SIII Slim which seems a bit incompetent when lined up with the SIII Neo especially in terms of its memory dynamics.

The software of these two smartphones on the other hand also differs; the SIII Neo has the Android 4.3 while the SIII Slim only has the Android 4.2.


Even with this feature, no matter how alike the SIII Slim and the SIII Neo are in terms of its physical features, the SIII Neo is still above the SIII Slim. The SIII Neo has an 8 megapixel rear camera and 1.9 megapixel front camera while the SIII Slim only has a 5 megapixel rear camera and a 0.5 megapixel front camera.

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What would you choose?

Aside from all these features presented for each smartphone, a user also considers a very essential factor in buying one: the price. Most users ready a budget in line with choosing what features they want to have on their smartphone. These two smartphones presented, The Samsung Galaxy SIII Slim and the Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo have similarities when it comes to its look and small details yet when you dig deeper into its power features, the SIII Neo definitely stands out compared to the SIII Slim. The SIII Slim is fit for users who are not aiming for the best phone but just looking for something with a reasonable price with very acceptable features. On the other hand, The SIII Neo is for users who long to have power features on their smartphone and are ready to spill some more out of their pockets for a very efficient smartphone.

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