Samsung Galaxy Y Duos vs. Samsung Galaxy S Duos: Specs Comparison

samsung galaxy y duos vs samsung galaxy s duos

Most smartphone users now prefer to have separate phones for business and for personal use. This reason gave Samsung an idea: dual sim smartphones. With these dual sim smartphones, users will have the comfort of carrying their phones for business along with their phones for personal use in just one single phone. The Samsung Galaxy Y Duos and the Samsung Galaxy S Duos both has this feature but let us still look at the similarities and differences of two of Samsung’s latest smartphones.


The Galaxy S Duos and the Galaxy Y Duos both has a capacitive touchscreen feature which is fit for a smartphone with screen sizes 4.00 inches and 3.14 inches respectively. In terms of display features, we see that the Galaxy S Duos has quite an edge over the Y Duos because of the screen resolution of each: the S Duos having 480×800 pixels while the Y Duos only has 240×320 pixels.

Hardware and Software

In terms of hardware, we see that the Galaxy Y Duos is still a little behind of the Galaxy S Duos. The Galaxy Y Duos’ processor is only 833MHz while the S Duos has a 1.2GHz dual core processor. Even in terms of storage capacity, it is recommended to go for the S Duos all because it seems that they Y Duos is really made for smartphone users who do not demand top of the line features but features that fit for young users of the Samsung Galaxy series.

With the features concerned with software, the Y Duos runs with Android 2.3 while the Galaxy S Duos runs with Android 4.2, a much more advanced system.


Concerning the power features of each smartphone in terms of the camera, we see that the Y Duos doesn’t have a front camera which puts the S Duos in a much wider limelight. Also the rear camera of Y Duos only has 3.15 megapixels while the S Duos has 5 megapixels. These details on smartphones in terms of camera features should be seen with importance especially in considering the idea that cameras are very essential in the success of a smartphone.

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Which one to choose?

In choosing smartphones, most users first consider the convenience and the user-friendliness of a phone when it comes to choosing what to purchase. These two smartphones presented are Android phones which seem similar in built and physical features but are in fact very different when it comes to power features. We can gather from the Y Duos features that this phone is designed for young smartphone users who do not necessarily require advanced features on their phones the features which will help them easily understand the workings of a smartphone. On the other hand, the S Duos is a smartphone which is particularly less pricey than other available smartphones which already has power features that can be lined up with Android phones of much higher price. In choosing one of these two phones, users should then consider who would use the said smartphone.

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