Samsung Gear S Works Without A Smartphone

The holiday season is just around the corner, bringing a new shopping frenzy along with it. In anticipation of the new shopping season, the main focus and strategy for top brands to sway their customers seems to be revolving around wearable gadgets, smart wristwatches to be more specific.

The newest wrist gadgets come from the likes of LG and Samsung, who both unveiled upgraded versions of their smartwatches. In the meantime, heavy reports suggest a similar technology being used on a wrist, wearable gadget that is cooking in Apple’s oven. The new improved versions from LG feature a round display, while Samsung’s upgrade consists of adding more standalone functionality to the device, making it less dependent on connecting to a smartphone. This might help the manufacturer get more people into buying smartwatches, as the leading names in the business failed to sway people into integrating the device into their daily routine, with it not having too much functionality on its own. The smartwatch technology seems to be the way to go, as the tablet and smartphone markets are already pretty saturated.

Amongst the features added in the fourth smartwatch manufactured under the Samsung name, the Gear S, are the possibility of receiving direct notifications from social networks and such, through its 3G connectivity, as well as using the Here service from Nokia to assist users with step-by-step directions. The device also promises less smartphone dependency, but in the same time, the possibility of making and receiving calls. It will be interesting to see how this will happen without the device having its own phone number. While manufacturers started investing time and money into the smartwatch branch, Google has also adapted by promoting Android Wear, an operating system designed for smartwatches that promises the same functionality Android does for other smart devices. However, instead of making use of Google’s operating system, Samsung has preferred to go with another operating system called Tizen.

The smartwatch from Samsung will feature a 2 inch display, an improvement in size compared to the last device of this kind released by the Korean manufacturer. Also, it will be curved so it will better fit the hand of the one using it.

The only information we have related to the device’s release date is the fact that it will make its debut in the month of October, which coincides with the release month of another Samsung gadget in the works, called the Gear Circle. The second gadget is a headset, and was unveiled by Samsung on Thursday.

The LG smartwatch in the making, called the G Watch R, will feature a 1.3 inch display and a design improvement, with plans to also be release in late 2014. No information related to pricing has surfaced so far for the LG or Samsung gadgets.

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