Save firefox tabs, restore it in the same browser and across different browsers on any device

Using Firefox’s default session manager.

Most of the firefox users uses the built-in tabs restore to get back to the previous sessions of open tabs of sites that were surfing on earlier if their computer crashes or firefox shutdown abruptly .

You can use this session restore feature to restore sessions on the next session. It requires exiting the firefox from the process explorer instead of closing it. This is the easiest option to restore firefox session tabs.

 Using Session Manager addon

Another option is to use a session manager addon that saves your tabs and lets you restore those sessions on demand. But this all saving and restoring process happens on your computer. At anytime you can save the current session like shown in the image right.

These are all using the firefox session store, and happens on your computer. When you want to open a session, lets say, from firefox to chrome, cloud sync’ing is the best way to do. (uploading your session data to your account on a site and then loading it on any browser when you want to), which brings us to the next available option.

Using Xmarks Sync

Using tool such as Xmarks sync which is an online bookmarks synchronizing tool as you may or may not know, lets you bookmark all the open tabs to a folder. Sync it to your online account. Let’s say you are on firefox, opened Xmarks sync addon to save all the currently opened tabs as a bookmark to a folder, named to remember. On chrome, you would like to restore those sessions, you open up the Xmarks sync for chrome, and then load that folder. It’s easy as that. But it is not a session restore tool, but we are using the bookmark sync feature to get this job done.

Using Surfon to send tabs over to other browsers on same computer, other computers, mobile and tablets seamlessly

You can use Surfon addon, install it on all supported browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) on your computer, (not sure about the addons for other devices), save a session of tabs from these supported browsers and send them across any browser on any device. It’s the most easiest way to save and restore tabs when you working on multiple devices.


How to use this?

Get over to, download the addon to y our browser (supports Firefox, Chrome, Safari). Register for a free account this is where your tab sessions are stored. Now enter your login details in the Surfon settings and get started.

Let me walk through, sharing the Current Firefox tab sessions to my Android Opera Mini browser.

1. First, I went over to or (from the Firefox Addon page) and downloaded it on my Firefox 11.0. No restart required. A button is added to the right most of the Navigation bar, shown in image below.


2. Then I registered for an account.This is what my account screen look like at the moment.

3. Click on the  icon to get me menu to save tabs. I hit the save tabs to save all the currently opened tabs.

The icon changes to notifying me that 8 current tabs are saved. Refreshing my account screen on the site shows all the current tabs are saved. Its no more empty.

4. On Android Phone, opened Opera Mini, went to I couldn’t find the addon for Opera, as it isn’t a support browser. so logged in to see all my tabs are there!

The tabs history are all saved on your account, until you hit Load Tabs from the addon button. Its only an one time use. Just saving the tabs and then restoring them all automatically just for once. On the other hand, you still can have all the tabs on your account, keep saving only adds tabs to the list, but only loading them from the addon button removes it all from the account.

Like surfon says, you dont need to send email of session links to yourself. It is indeed a quite useful utility!

These are some of the way how to save, manage, restore tab sessions within your computer, within the same browser or across browsers, and across other devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc…

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