Save Web pages and organize the collection

If you are looking for a Firefox extension to save and manage your favorite webpages, Scrapbook is your best bet. During my test it saved the page with all images, what it failed to save is the javascript code on that page. This I think can be managed on the plugin setting to allow .js type file, so you can save that as well. Other than that, i see no issues with the file saving part at all.

This plugin lets you save the page what I feel is to read it later on offline mode, so saving the javascript code like analytics tracking or advertising is a total waste and the plugin developer understands. What is most impressive about this plugin is the quickness it saves a particular webpage and the ability to change the folder where it saves the webpage and its images.

Even when the javascript is enabled when saving a page, the saved page looks not to well. As it says. selecting javascript may cause problems. Yes the plugin looks like it hasn’t got all it takes to save and retrieve a page with javascript, so what, just a page with its images will do, and I think that’s what the plugin is made to do. Forget the discus comments, and other interactive javascript codes for example Google doodle, I bet the plugin cant save that, but is it built to save such files? No! To save a wikipedia page, a news article and an information to view it offline, in that aspect ScrapeBook does a pretty good job.

To manage the saved pages, click on show in sidebar, now you can rename it or delete it or create a new folder and move files. It’s that easy.

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