Search Through OneDrive and ShareDrive With Microsoft’s Help

Taking a look at Microsoft’s offerings for the business oriented branch of consumers, we see that their Office 365 can be securely used to transfer data, even of the most sensitive kind. Email enhancements for data transfer with DLP or Data Loss Prevention are also present through OWA, Exchange and Outlook, alongside a very useful search system. The aforementioned enhancements will reportedly cross over to Microsoft’s cloud storage services as OneDrive will also benefit from it. Alongside OneDrive we have SharePoint which is also included in the list of those who benefit from the search system. Corporate branches of Microsoft consumers can use these features to search within their system and manage highly sensitive data in a secure environment, while taking advantage of the DLP feature. Real time searches are made easy and convenient through the eDiscovery Center, and if you fear for your data, you should be happy to know that eDiscovery Center also comes with a protection option that has the data made available only for those who were granted permission to handle and review the said important data.

The Office 365 application from Microsoft provides a large amount of support for numerous types of sensible data type. There are as many as 51 types. Their support is built within the application, and it makes it easy for user as the program recognizes these types of data and simplifies people’s jobs quite a bit. Furthermore, after you’re done handling the information, you can continue by sharing it with the people you need it to reach with the help of OneDrive and SharePoint.

Further options for the eDiscovery Center includes the possibility of setting the permissions for selected data, as well as review and edit data straight from the Center. If there is any data present that might get tagged as “offending”, you can easily deal with it from the same resourceful application. Also, if you like, you could remove the data completely.

It has been announced by Microsoft themselves that new features will be made available later this year, but for the moment, user can still make use of the implemented search functions that come as of recently with OneDrive and SharePoint, making it very easy to discover and manage data in a secure space, so you don’t have to worry about data security. Microsoft manages to implement numerous functions in one application, making it easy for those who use it, especially for the business sector which need their data available  for review at all times and as quick and easy as possible, while keeping it secured.

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