Sending photos from phone to your computer with Wifi


So far sending photos and files has only been possible by connecting the phone to computer via USB cord.

At. they made an app for phone and PCs to send a file from mobile phone or tablet to your computer via wireless. They call this bump. You can bump files from phone to PC!

Now this article talks about sending from phone to computer, but the app page on android clearly shows that this is an app to share files and contact information from one phone to another phone while bump being the platform middleman.

As you can see in the picture sending files from your phone to computer is a 3 step process.

Step 1

Get their app for Android or IOS first,

For android, available here,

For ios, available here,

Install it, and you have completed the step 1. Now before running the app make when you open and the location is shared from the browser and the location is shared on your mobile phone as well. This is important or the app doesn’t work.

Step 2

shot_000025Open the app on your phone. You can slide the tabs to choose from photos, file types, app recommendation to contact list. Say I am choosing photos tab. Now the app shows all images from the SDcard available to select to bump. You can see in the photos tab, I have chosen an image to bump. You can select as many as images you want, and the app is able to bump it to your computer over the Wifi.

Now before you proceed further, open the on your computer, make sure the location is shared when prompted.

Step 3

As the images are chosen from the list and the Bump now button appears. Now you want to hit the bump or shake the phone and as well as hit the space key on your computer. You can hit the phone on the space key shot_000024as shown in the image on the top or shake the phone in one hand and hit the space key on the other. If it works it shows connect screen on your phone to connect to your PC as shown in the image right,

Tap connect and also click on connect on your PC as well, now the image magically appears. Or technically your image is send over the wireless. You should see the image on your computer. This is the easiest way of sending photo from your to computer. Getting the connect screen can take a while but when the connection is established at both phone and computer the transfer process is quick.

This is how the transferred screen looks on your computer, you can download it or delete it or share it.


As you can see I have transferred the connect image above this image, to transfer.

This is how you can send photos from your phone to computer with the wireless network connection, and as well as transfer from one phone to another.

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