September 19th – Important Date For Apple, iPhone 6 And iOS 8 Release Date Only Two Days Apart

According to a pattern used by Apple ever since 2011, safe speculations can be made regarding some of the important dates to come next for Apple. It has already been confirmed that an event will take place on September 9,that will most likely mark the unveiling of the long-awaited iPhone 6, Apple’s new flagship device. After the September 9 unveiling, an actual release date it is believed to have been set 10 days after, on the 19th of September.

The speculations are the result of Apple’s releasing habits dating from the iPhone 4S release to the present time being put under a microscope by Business Insider who believes Apple will keep to its course and respect its own practices.

Lucky Tuesdays

Past releases have shown that Apple is used to selecting a Tuesday for the unveiling of its new flagship device, next in line to take over from the previous release. The Tuesday is usually placed in the month of September. The September 9, is however just an unveiling, so if you are waiting to grab one of the new iPhone 6’s, you’ll have to wait just a little longer. The iPhone 6 won’t come on its own, as Apple intends on throwing the newest operating system, particular to this case the iOS8, into the mix. The operating system already got an unveiling all the way back in June. It was during the 2014 edition of WWDC. And several beta versions followed soon after.

Business Insider points out that if Apple is to respect the release pattern the company itself practically implemented for releasing their devices, we could expect the Wednesday of September 17th to bear the release of the official iOS8 build.

The lines at Apple retailing stores for the new iPhone 6 will most likely start piling up a few days before the actual release date, as prior installments suggest. The blessed day for Apple enthusiasts will be, of course, a Friday, making it even better.

Tremendous Expectations

The iPhone 6 hasn’t even been unveiled and the expectations regarding the device’s sale numbers are rocketing sky high. Based on the phone’s new features and huge amount of hype, analysts speculate that the early sale numbers will be pretty big. The overall sale of the iPhone 6 is believed by many specialists to set new records for Apple as it will break all boundaries. Some of the new features that were pointed out as being influential towards the device’s success were the HealthKit, HomeKit and NFC-Payment functionality.

More Power, Please!

One of the most important features that are a possibility for this year’s iPhone release is the bigger battery unit. Many Apple iPhone users have complained about the short battery life, and how an increased battery capacity would be of great help, and it seems that Apple listened to its customers, as there are high chances for the long-awaited battery increase to take place with the iPhone 6. It is speculated that the iPhone 6 will come out bearing a 2915 mAh battery, which is almost double the capacity offered by the last year’s iPhone 5S. The previous Apple flagship was only able to offer 1560 mAh worth of power. The downside to this rather uplifting piece of news is that the battery increase might only take place for the larger, 5.5 inch version of the device, which will follow up on its little 4.7 inch brother’s September release only sometime during the month of December.

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