Set your phone to ring loud or vibrate depending on the location automatically

llama for androidAren’t you tired of the phone ringing out loud at unusual hours or at places when you don’t want it to? You must be like all of us. I know I can’t take it, when my phone rings out loud when I am at the cinemas. Your tolerance could vary depending on the places you are at. Enough of talks about the annoyance and let’s get to the solution. With Llama – Location profiles, for Android,  you can let it handle this annoyance for you.

You can get it here, from the Google Play store.

The app has been released in the late 2011, and is still being updated. The last update is on August 15th, as of the time I am writing this.

Llama – the first run

This is the screen (below) that you see on the first run after the disclaimer,


What does this mean?

The app uses phone mast, by that, it sees what masts your phone is connected to and gets location information from that and doesn’t use GPS, so no unneeded battery drain. In rare case, if there isn’t any phone masts in your area, on the settings that is bought to view by tapping on the context button, set it to use GPS or Wifi, this could be helpful in keeping the app alive.


After the first screen you will see another help screen, read it if you can before you hit groovey! I suggest you to read it before hitting the button to close it. This is a bit long than the first screen, though.

As you can see that Llama doesn’t know about your locations and what you want your phone profile to be. By training it, you just have to use your phone as usual but set profiles on Llama, where ever you are at.

It then takes you to the profiles page. It could take you to Areas page after the 2 help screens, in my case it’s the profiles page.  It has 4 profiles by default – Loud, Normal, quiet and Silent. Tap on any of the options to get it activated.

Hop over to “Areas” tab to set where you are now – home or work. Long tap it to get a list of options to choose from.  These are, Create remainder, Rename area, Start learning area and Delete area.


You need to long tap on either Home or Work to get this screen. Now we are familiar that Llama needs to learn about your location, let’s tap on “Start Learning Area”, it would then ask for how long you’d be there at home or work, with an option “I am not there now” just in case you tapped on it by mistake. Tap on the hours you’ll be in that place, and you will see on the screen it starts a countdown near the place you are in. I am at Home now, so I tapped that for 8 hours I will be home. You can as well set a reminder for that, rename or delete it as well from that screen.

You see a llama icon on the top status bar, it will be there when the app is running. Drop down the notification bar to see the current status of Llama.


That’s it, now Llama starts learning about your location where you are at now. After the set time lapses you need to go back to set your current location and for how many hours you will be there. This is how the app works. If you aren’t annoyed that much but since you are here, you needed a solution, you could just drop the volume to 0, so it only vibrates, when you don’t want the phone to ring loud and be an annoyance. If you can take a little time to teach the app how to behave, you don’t have to be conscious about where you are and how the phone will behave. You certainly don’t want it to be in vibrate mode, when you are expecting a call and the phone is not on you.

With 2 tabs covered, there are 2 more. Events and Recent. Recent shows you the recent actions while Events is the highlight of this app, as I was in a dilemma to even use the app, this thing really stops that dilemma. You can set actions at the Events tab. The events are, (image below)


An event is a combination of conditions and actions. Upon leaving work change the profile to normal is an event. Similarly, when at work which is between 6:30 am and 10:00 pm, change the profile to normal. So a condition is “when at work and between a time period” or “upon leaving work” and action is “change profile to normal”. The events that are present by default. if can’t be of any use. In that case, long tap on any event to bring a screen from where you can edit it. Or you can as well add a new event by tapping on the (+) sign at the bottom.

When the add event screen comes up, there are 4 options – Add condition, Add action, Remove the event and Test Action if it’s working.

Remember an event is a combination of conditions and actions? See the images below,

shot_000052 shot_000053

You can set to condition and an action if that condition has met. Say when the battery level is low, turn off the GPS. I know this isn’t related to the topic we are at here, but think of this app like the Tasker app but free. So this app is more than just a phone-profile-setting-based-on-location.

You should be fine with just the basic events that are for phone profiles.

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