Some of the most repinned pins on

About 80% of the Pinterest pins being pinned are repins. The pin, an image, that attracts more votes, has a value. That keeps it going viral and getting more social activity going over there – an image, a pin!

Lets take a look at some of these popular pins.

1. Garlic cheesy bread – 90750+ Repins


2. Rainbow fruit kabobs – 71200+ Repins.


3. Framing compositions – 60900+ Repins.


4. Disneyland’s Loaded Baked Potato Soup – 53000+ Repins


5. Yogurt Drops – 46400+ Repins


6. Easter Craft – 46400+ Repins

Source: via ReneƩ on Pinterest


7. Blender – 46400+ Repins


8. Orange candle – 45200+ Repins


9. Wine+Fresca+fruits drink – 44550+ Repins


10. A Quote – 42900+ Repins



These are some of the pins that get repined the most. These are not the top 10, those are just some of pins that I could find and sorted them by descending order of repin count.

Its obvious that food/drink pins are popular, seeing that about 80% of the members are female its no wonder. And a quote pin that says “As we grow up, we realize it is less important to have a lot of friends, and more important to have real ones” is popular as well!

If you are wondering how I managed to find these pins, I found it on google. Search using this query – “comments” 40000..50000 “repins”

This is my attempt to find pages from that are indexed in google that has the pin stat on the excerpt of each listings.

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