Speed up Your Old iPhones While Waiting for iPhone 6

With all the talk about the new iPhone 6 and how it will affect the tech world, people forget about its predecessors which are also great devices. If you have a previous version of the iPhone series, you surely would like to get some tips for better performance and a more pleasant user experience.

As seen in some reports, the life expectancy of a smartphone is of two years, even with great care. This is extremely short, and we hope to help with that issue, giving you some tips and tricks on speeding up your own iOS handset.

Clean your iPhone

This should be a mandatory process you should do periodically, and that is cleaning up your iPhone. Start by closing any current apps you opened (double tab the home button and swipe away all the open apps). After this, examine every app you downloaded and figure out which one you are kidding yourself you will use, but never do. Then, erase them for a smoother working device. If you want to know what is taking up most of your space, go to Settings – General – Usage. Here you will be left with a more in-depth list of the apps to help you figure out which one you should erase.

As well, if you have any messages you could live without, we recommend erasing those too.

Back up & Delete

What can also really occupy all of your memory is content like photos, videos and music files. You should start by backing up all of them in your computer, if you don’t want to lose anything. You can use iTunes for a faster navigation. Then, we recommend erasing what you don’t feel that is necessary to have on your handset. If you still want to keep your music, then you can try to convert your music files into the lowest bit possible and that will clear some storage space.

We also have a video from CNET that will walk you through dealing with phone lock-up problems and even Wi-Fi issues.

Restart your Phone

Hold the wake/sleep button and the home button at the same time to restart your iPhone. Or you can shut it down as usual and then restart it again.

If you’re just waiting to purchase Apple’s new flagship that is coming in September or you are very pleased with your current device, these tips will help you deal with not-so-well performing of older versions of the iOS handsets.


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