Spice Fire One Release Date with Firefox OS – Gorgeous Features

Reports and rumors have been surfacing since June about the first smartphone device that will operate an operating system made by Mozilla. It seems like the day has finally come for us to get new details on the unveiling and release date of the Fire On smartphone manufactured by Spice, which will operate the Firefox OS. It seems like India has welcomed the device, and priced it unbelievably low, at only Rs 2.299. For the moment, the phone seems to be offered exclusively through Snapdeal. The companies behind the device, Mozilla and Spice, plan to release the handset on the 29th of August.

According to Spice, the device will represent a great option for customers interested in a budget phone, looking to acquire their first smartphone. For a first smart device, the Spice Fire One manages to offer acceptable features.

It’s not called a budget phone for nothing, as its features aren’t quite useless, but at the same time are very far for what you might call up-to-date with today’s standards in smartphone hardware configuration. The processing duty is handled by a relatively small 1Ghz processor, which only has one core. It has been stated that 1 GHz of processing power is the minimum that is able to run the Firefox OS. The respective operating system is based on Web technology, therefore it will give developers a hand in putting together apps. The display is a rather small, featuring only 3.5 inches and a HVGA quality, but that’s expected, considering the low budget tag that was put on the phone. It features two cameras, a 1.2 MP shooter in the front, and a larger 2 MP camera on the rear. Other features included for this device are the dual SIM capabilities, which represent a pretty useful function for some, and the preloaded social apps like Twitter and Facebook or Connect A2.

Firefox OS also puts a marketplace at the user’s disposal, from where he can not only get more apps, but also add-ons. The Chief Executive Office for Spice stated that the company, through its very low-cost phone, is trying to turn more people into smartphone users. The transition to the smartphone would give them the advantage of being able to access the internet among others, as the chief puts it, justifying Spice’s collaboration with Mozilla.

The president of Mozilla also commented on the collaboration, saying that the company wants to set a new standard for affordable smartphones, and that they find Spice to be a strong ally. They also announced their plans of spreading the Firefox OS worldwide, establishing it as an option for smartphone operating system.


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