Stardock releases ModernMix that lets you run metro apps in a windowed environment



Stardock the makers of Start8 start button for Windows 8, released a ground breaking metro meets the desktop platform mix, the ModernMix. It lets you run metro apps in the windowed environment. It’s something like a dream come true for the Windows 8 users.

The app page lists the features such as,

•  Run Windows 8 Modern apps in a window on the desktop
•  Display, pin and launch Modern apps on the taskbar
•  Explicitly close Modern apps by clicking the close button
•  Create desktop shortcuts for Modern apps
•  Access the Charms bar from a Modern app window
•  And more!

Looks like you can even share the apps. I am not sure if the apps can be run on Windows 7 and older versions. It behaves like the desktop application, with creating shortcuts, having a file path, closing and launching it. And accessing the charms bar from the metro app window.

It’s available for the same price as Start8 for $4.99. I just bought myself one, the download file is under 7MB.


Once installed, it asks if you want to try it for 30 days or enter the unlock code to activate the full version.

After that, the welcome screen appears,


This mean you can toggle fullscreen and windowed mode by pressing F10 key.


This means there are three types of screens available, full screen, maximized windowed mode, and normal resizable windowed mode.

Hitting the close button takes you to the configuration window,

General configuration


This allows you to select how the app behaves when launched from start menu and desktop, I have left the default options as is,

Advanced Configuration


This as you can see, is self explanatory.

Now on to running some apps…

I am running card games chest app from the metro start. Clicking on F10 gets that into windowed mode.


You can pin it on the taskbar, and start the app in windowed mode from there. At any time you can toggle into full screen mode and back to windowed mode by pressing F10.

Overall, this impulsive buy is well worth it, and remember you have 30 days to try it out before buying.

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