Stardock Start8 button in Windows 8.1

After you upgrade to Windows 8.1, you get a start button with this update. But that start button is just a namesake one. When you click on it, you are just taken to the metro UI start page. When you install Start8 button’s current version, now clicking on the start button opens a menu, but that’s a large menu and is blank. Yes totally blank with no Icons and items there.

stardock start8 1.17 beta version

Stardock is very well aware of this right after when Windows 8.1 Blue news first came out, and released a beta version for Windows 8.1 update. You can get the beta version here, which is 1.17 version beta release. You need to login to your Stardock account before accessing the beta version download.

The download link was a static link before when I first downloaded it. Meaning that the link will stay forever. But that link is taken down, and is now a link that expires. Not sure how many hours the link will be active, and that’s the reason I did not link to the direct downloadable link.

Once you have downloaded. Install. During the installation, it removes the previous version and it asks for a reboot. Don’t ignore the reboot. Reboot it, and see the start button just work perfectly as before.

The modernmix is working fine on Windows 8.1, so the only hiccup is with the start8 and very glad that the beta version solves this quickly.

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