Tablet Performance Super-Boost From New Intel Core M Chip

News are rolling in via Kirk Skaugen, who occupies the function of senior GM of personal computing over at Intel. The Intel official let consumers know that Intel has launched the newest instalment of the company’s processor collection. The newest Intel member, the Core M, promises to be the most energy efficient unit ever manufactured by them, as Intel specifies that the chip will only need 4.5 W. The new chip is apparently intended for three of the smart device market’s branches. These are the ultra portables, the tablets and the convertibles, and they will all, reportedly, benefit from the launch of Intel’s Core M processing unit.

Although tablets have been mentioned as part of the device lines that will get Core M processors, there weren’t many tablet demonstrations at the keynote that introduced the chipset. The demonstrations featured there seemed to focus more on laptops and convertibles.

If we put this year’s Core M against the Core i5-4302Y processor from last year, we can see a drastic improvements in both speed and performance offered by the newer unit. The graphics performance registered with the Core M8 reached numbers that place it at a 40% lead in speed, when compared to the aforementioned older chip. The Core M, which uses a manufacturing process based on 14nm technology, will also provide 50% improved performance for the device’s CPU unit.

One of its strong points, however, remains the very low energy consumption rate that it provides. Power dissipation also leaves its mark, but consumers benefit from increased battery life, which is a big plus for the Core M.

The Core M will also provide support for other high-end features to take their place within the device’s specifications. High quality audio, as well as 802.11ac and Wi-Di 5.0 will also receive support from the processing chipset.

Intel didn’t have problems finding customers for its chip, as it is speculated that before we reach Christmas time, we will already have around 20 products bearing the new Intel hardware piece. Device coming with the Core M are expected to not exceed 9 mm in thickness. Such requirements are theoretically fulfilled by Apple’s iPad 2.

A tablet device going by the name of Llama Mountain has also been mentioned during the keynote, The tablet is only 7.2 mm thick and weighs no more than 670 grams. A very small motherboard package allows it to maintain its very slim profile.

Intel is expected to release 3 SKUs, two of which are clocked at 2GHz and go by the names M-5Y10 and M-5Y10a respectively, while the third is a 2.6 GHz clocked model branded M-5Y70, also capable of supporting vPro, giving it an advantage towards integration in the business segment.

Products will also include a software bundle from Intel that will be worth $280 designed for business.


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