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Android Apps that almost every phone has

App that gets over 100,000,000 that’s 100 million installs and as much as 500 million installs in last 30 days, which means almost every android phone users got them. As you can see in the graph chart below, total android activations, that is the total android users world wide, is about 500 – 700 million users at the moment. These apps are super popular ones that have almost all of the android users using them. There are 14 apps right now

Run android apps on Windows PC

I remember using a hack that involved using android emulator as a device to connect to android marketplace. You can download apps and run on the emulator. That’s how android apps are ran on the windows without any phone at all. But looks like that hack isn’t needed anymore. There are about 2 Windows application (at this moment) that does this job of running android apps on your pc. One is Youwave and other one is Bluestacks.  Youwave Youwave about 120mb