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Control Firefox with this Mouse Gestures extension

Mouse gesture is a way of making mouse movements to draw lines or curves from different directions on the screen to operate certain commands on browsers, desktops etc… You can customize it with the gesture of your choice. Mouse gestures extensions for the browsers started surfacing on the internet since 2008 with Opera already comes with it. Since then there are programs specific for certain apps like Gmail and more. Firegestures is a mouse gestures extension for Firefox. It requires

Auto save texts on text boxes on websites and retrieve even if the window closes unexpectedly

There is this frustrating moment in everyone’s life – you spend a good 15 minutes writing on a comment box on a website, for some reason the window closes and you loose all what you have written. Every website can’t have what Gmail has. Gmail fortunately saves whatever you type on the compose box as a draft. With a Firefox extension, every website can be made to take draft locally on your hard disk. The extension is Textarea Cache, and

Copy all open tabs URL on firefox

Copy URLs Expert is an addon for Firefox that lets you copy URLs of all the tabs that are opened to your clipboard. This also has an option to copy all the links on a selected contents. Say you hit Ctrl+A and select all the contents, it can copy all the URLs, be it any link – images, videos, archives… This is the first plugin of it’s kind, with an ability of copying links and formatting it the way you

Firefox blocks Java(TM) platform SE 7 U12 to U15

In case of vulnerabilities like this one and previously Foxit Reader Plugin and below, its strongly advisable you check with the Firefox plugin Check page. There is a good chance the vulnerable plugins got an update. Here’s what Firefox has to say, This plugin version has a security vulnerability that websites can exploit and potentially harm your computer. It is recommended that you update this plugin or if an update is not available, disable it. As seen from the

Current version plugin

What’s with this phrase? It’s how Mozilla Firefox sends users to Google to let them find a plugin’s latest version, on their own when Firefox is unable to recognize the plugin. To show you an example, I have this many plugins and more that are not on this screen shot. When you click on “Check to see if your plugins are up to date” you are taken to a Firefox site’s page – plugin check, where it checks to see

Remove Firefox inspect element on the context menu

With the release of Firefox¬† 10, a new feature – a developer tool, Inspect Element is added to the context menu. It’s the Firefox’s reply to the in-built Chrome’s developer tools. But the developers on Firefox¬† aren’t happy. Why? It is added in the place where Firebug is used to be and is now above the Firebug’s inspect element. You might click on it, waiting for the Firebug’s overlay at the bottom of the window, only to see something new,