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New iPhone 6 To Come Hand In Hand With iPad Air 2


The two upcoming devices set to feature Apple’s newest operating system version, iOS 8, are the subjects of recent reports coming in, which suggest that Apple might be planing on organizing a joint-release for the two. If this is true, those expecting the release of the new iPhone 6 flagship device will also get a bonus iPad Air 2 release. In the view of KGI Securities representative Ming-chi Kuo, the day marked for Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone 6, September 9

New iPhone 6 Video Confirms Release, Recent Nude Photos Scandal Won’t Slow Apple Down


Apple has been maintaining itself on top of the news recently, due to the massive celebrity nude photos scandal that took place not long ago and partially involved the iPhone manufacturer. It looks like, despite all that, Apple is maintaining course with its long-anticipated iPhone 6 release. The celebrity scandal didn’t go undetected, however, as Apple’s stocks have fallen to $98.94. The company managed to achieve more than this before the scandal. Currently, the iPhone 6 is still schedules for

September 19th – Important Date For Apple, iPhone 6 And iOS 8 Release Date Only Two Days Apart

iPhone 6

According to a pattern used by Apple ever since 2011, safe speculations can be made regarding some of the important dates to come next for Apple. It has already been confirmed that an event will take place on September 9,that will most likely mark the unveiling of the long-awaited iPhone 6, Apple’s new flagship device. After the September 9 unveiling, an actual release date it is believed to have been set 10 days after, on the 19th of September. The

iWatch 6 Release Date The Same As iPhone 6

iWatch 6

The newest gadget from Apple, the iWatch, will be unveiled on September 9. The same date was set by Apple for the release of their other, probably more anticipated device, the iPhone 6. The specified date most likely refers to the release date of the smaller version of the iPhone 6, with the 4.7 inch display, rather than the 5.5 inch variant, which will probably get a release date later this year. Analyst  Ming-Chi Kuo claimed  earlier that due to

iPhone 6 Release Date Soon After Unveiling Might Surprise Us All

iPhone 6 Release Date

It is strongly believed that Apple plans on using the news briefing that will take place on the 9th of September, as the occasion to unveil their long-awaited flagship device, the iPhone 6. However, in regards to the actual release of the handset, it seems like Apple will take another week after the unveiling, before finally giving the public a chance to grab the Apple most wanted. Specialized in Apple related news and rumors, MacRumors  reported that while this might

iPhone 6 Release Date – Apple On The Verge Of Breaking Records,

iPhone 6 Release Date

As we approach the launch of Apple’s iPhone 6 which everyone is expecting for a long time now, analysts and specialists in the field have agreed that Apple is going to break some records in no time, as the company registered a record stock price as high as $100.53 last August 19. Consumer’s attention towards Apple continues to grow, as speculations about what the new, upcoming iPhone 6 can offer continue to span. Taking current stock numbers and stock behavior

iPhone 6 Confirmed With Two Special Models – Release Date

iPhone 6

According to recently leaked information, it seems like there won’t be too many different things regarding the external aspect of the two iPhone 6 versions. The only phone feature we know for sure is going to differ, is the screen size. Striking Resemblance The theory claiming that the two versions of the iPhone 6 are practically identical without the screen size difference is backed up by new leaked information by MacRumors, which reported the story picked up from Evas0nJailbreak.com. It

iPhone 6 Paves Way For Thinner Devices – Best of The Best

iPhone 6

Recent reports from sources from within supply chains claim that Apple’s iPhone 6 is entering the validation stage. The device launch date, September 9, seems to still be in place, and it seems like Apple has approved a new audio patent that will make the device thinner than ever. Not only will this result in a super slim iPhone 6, but also in a reduce thickness for future devices to come, like the iPad Mini 3,  and iPad Air 2

iPhone 6 Full Number of Build Units on Its Release Date – Which Variant is The Best?

iPhone 6

It has been reported that Apple has acquired Pegatron’s services for building 25 M units of a very thin, 4.7 inch screen version of the upcoming iPhone 6. The device is believed to be tagged for an October release. Speculation feed on the possibility of Apple releasing the new device one month after its unveiling on September 9. The Production It is believed that Apple has placed a 25 million unit order from Pegatron, for the smaller sized version of

iPhone 6 Release Date Without Sapphire Display but Other Gorgeous Features

iPhone 6 Release Date

One of the most talked-about devices of the year, even though it hasn’t even seen the light of day yet, the Apple iPhone 6 continues to be on the most wanted list. Such hype can’t come by itself, as the device has been the target of vast amounts of rumors coming from all kinds of sources, from everywhere on the planet. The newest source to claim details about the handset, VentureBeat, states that it knows about iPhone 6 features which

iPhone 6 Pre-Order, Gold And Platinum Versions, Price Starts At $500

iPhone 6 Pre-Order, Gold And Platinum Versions, Price Starts At $500

It seems like a concrete solid release date is set for Apple’s long-awaited juggernaut device. The iPhone 6 has been spotted as available for pre-order at Birkk (based in Los Angeles) starting with $500 deals. The phone’s versions made available for the customer are many, up to 14 of them are listed at the aforementioned location. Variants include gold and platinum versions, as well as a more high-end (if that’s possible) version, with diamonds crusted in the phone’s body, for

iPhone 6 Release Date and Big Problems With Its Apparition

iPhone 6 Release Date

As the release date for the much anticipated iPhone 6 produced by Apple continues to approach, the hype is growing even stronger by the hour. The newest rumor involving the Apple device suggests that iPhone manufacturer has addressed a major issue reported by customers about the previous installments in the iPhone series. The issue in question is the phone’s battery life. In a survey put together by WalletHero, 97% of those who responded said that the thing they want the

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