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Apple iPhone 6 Release Date Having Global Impact On The Smartphone Market

iPhone 6

It is believed that the release of the much anticipated Apple handset, the iPhone 6, will cause major reactions within the smartphone world, and will set the tone for the remaining months of 2014. As Apple is preparing for the grand release of its device, other big names in the business like Samsung, HTC, Sony or LG, are currently struggling against China based manufacturers. Such brands, like Lenovo, XIaomi or Huawei gained, and continue to gain so much popularity and customer

Speed up Your Old iPhones While Waiting for iPhone 6

iPhone 6

With all the talk about the new iPhone 6 and how it will affect the tech world, people forget about its predecessors which are also great devices. If you have a previous version of the iPhone series, you surely would like to get some tips for better performance and a more pleasant user experience. As seen in some reports, the life expectancy of a smartphone is of two years, even with great care. This is extremely short, and we hope