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Google Replaces Nexus 5 Units And Nexus X Specs Are Revealed As The Nexus 6 Release Date Approaches

nexus 6

While we are approaching the release date for Google’s newest Nexus device swift and surely,  the search engine giant also treats us with a pretty hard to refuse offer for the Nexus 5, last year’s flagship device built in collaboration with LG. Google showcases its generous side as it attempts to get rid of the remaining Nexus 5 stocks by launching a replacement program. This program will allow users that own a faulty Nexus 5 unit to trade their broken

Nexus 6 Release Date Upgrade along with Nexus X Features

Nexus 6 Release Date

As we get closer to the release date of the highly-anticipated Nexus successor to last year’s Nexus 5, more and more details seem to surface. For starters, the device will be called the Nexus X, due to its affiliation with Motorola. The start of the week brought us a little present via TKTech News in the form of new pictures related to the device. The photos were supposedly of the upcoming Motorola Moto X+1, as they show a huge Motorola

Nexus 6 Release Date with Killer Android 5.0 and Top 2014 Specs

Nexus 6 Release Date

New information regarding the upcoming Google Nexus handset have surfaced. What was called the Nexus 6 up until now, seems to be taking a different direction in terms of name and branding, as it will now apparently go by the name Google Nexus X. The only logic explanation behind this twist could be the fact that the device is being manufactured by Motorola, which has a tendency for. “X” in its device names. It is only just that the upcoming