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Online PDF Compression

There are online PDF Conversion or manipulating utility that wont take in PDF say more than 2Mb or 6Mb. In that case, you need a PDF compression utility to reduce your PDF size up to 68%. SmallPDF is one such utility that lets you drag and drop a PDF and works on compressing it. I had a 17.83Mb file that is compressed to 5.53Mb giving me a 68.9% compression. I did this by compressing the output again and again till

How to edit a PDF document for free

PDF file format started by adobe in 1991 by one of its co-founders, as a Camelot project, evolved into what is called the Portable File Format, PDF.  PDF was started because to have a light weight, read-only, portable document file format which the early days lacked. As the years went by, It became the popular document sharing file format, that today needs demand editing it on the go or editing it at home without much work over a simple fix