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How to Setup Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) with Userplane

This tutorial is to connect an audio source’s output as an Userplane mic input. So that you can stream audio to Userplane directly from the source without using just the microphone that will stream the noises you make added to that is the feedback the mic receives from the speaker. Just these 2 Steps first (do it in any order), Step 1: To get started, first lets get the audio source ready. I am going to use Winamp’s output. If

Conduct a quiz in userplane chatroom

Userplane is a flash based web chat service that AOL owns. The userplane chatrooms are the ones powering top dating site chatrooms. It has emoticons, audio/video and instant messaging which is what makes it ideal for a chatroom service. But we are going to see how you as an admin of a chatroom can pause the chatroom and then receive messages that you only can see. You can use this feature to conduct a quiz on the chatroom. How it