The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Review: Is Carb Cycling Too Good To Be True?

4 cycle fat loss japanese diet secretIf you’re trying to lose weight, you may have come across a program known as 4 Cycle Fat Loss.

This program claims to use a concept known as carb cycling, couple with an ancient Japanese dieting secret as the key to losing weight in the 21st century, but does it really work?

In this review I’ll take an in depth look at the program.

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What Is Carb Cycling and the 4 Cycle Fat Loss?

Four weight loss generally revolves around a proprietary nutrition theory as explained by Shaun Hadsall. Hadsall has more than fifteen years of experience in the diet and nutrition industry. The theory exploits three factual carb cycling methods which have been, from time to time, thought to be harmful to your health and counteractive to weight loss. The theory is premised on the notion that white rice is actually better in contrast to brown rice when it comes to boosting your metabolic rate and rebooting the fat burning hormones in your body.

The first factual carb cycling method opposes the general assumption that eating fibrous starchy carbs instead of white starches aids in loosing belly fat. The premise is derived from the explanation that even though brown rice has nutritional value, one would have to eat five cups just to get half of your daily fiber intake. Therefore the nutritional value in brown rice is greatly outweighed by the fiber intake and thus one ought to ingest starch based on one’s metabolic needs.

review of four cycle fat lossThe second factual cycling method disparages the notion that brown rice is better compared to white rice when it comes to weight loss because white rice has a higher glycemic index. Glycemic index assigns a number to food based on how much the food will spike one’s insulin level. The glycemic index is directly proportional to the spike in insulin level. Hadsall goes round this fact by explaining that both white and brown rice affect insulin levels. However, if you take into account combination of starch with other nutritional foods and food proportions, then it is possible to invalidate the glycemic index.

The third factual cycling method is premised on the point the glucose molecules found in white rice is less challenging compared to those found in brown rice because they contain less anti-nutrients. Anti-nutrients prevent the absorption of glucose in the body. Therefore, the fact that it has less anti-nutrients prevents glucose to be stored as fat. Instead, the glucose is used to fuel up the body.

4 Cycle Fat Loss Review

4 cycle fat loss reviewThe best thing about the four cycle weight loss is that it is a purely natural method of losing weight.

It adopts a distinctive approach by forcing the reader to think outside the box. The three factual cycling methods are accompanied by cycling tips which pin point where most people go wrong. It comes with a plan on how to make the right carb choices.

The only downside is that it contradicts a common rule in the nutritional industry and thus hard to believe. All in all, you stand to gain more by trying it and therefore it is prudent to give it a thumbs up.

Final Verdict: Four Cycle Fat Loss Diet Program

So, what’s the final verdict?

I’d say that while this definitely isn’t the best or most popular diet program out there, it’s not all bad.

I really like that the program focuses on a diet that has existed for thousands of years, and uses all natural ingredients and foods to be effective. That puts it way ahead of many of the supplement-based programs out there.

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