The Galaxy Note 4 – Samsung’s Secret Weapon Against Apple

As we’re getting closer to the iPhone 6 launch, which will happen on September 9, the pressure grows on Samsung to match its competition. Due to the recent market failure of the Galaxy S5, Samsung doesn’t really afford to lose a lot of the market share right now. While just launching the much anticipated Galaxy Alpha which some believe will give the iPhone 6 a run for its money, Samsung also prepares the release of its own juggernaut, the Galaxy Note 4.

Until this point, Samsung had a secure market within the phablet segment of the business, making the large screen size of the devices one of its strong points. However, due to the recent changes in Apple’s iPhone design and configuration standards, it seems like, by implementing a larger screen, Apple is directly challenging Samsung and invading its territory, threatening the Korean manufacturer’s control over the phablet section of the smartphone business.

Even under these circumstances, Samsung still has an ace up its sleeve for 2014, in the release of the Galaxy Note 4, which is set to feature new hardware and the anticipated Quad HD display. Reports and speculations equip the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, but like the case with most devices manufactured by Samsung, you might end up with a Note 4 version that’s using an Exynos chip, depending on your region. Further speculated specifications include an upgraded, 16 MP camera, and a .7 inch Quad HD display.

Rumors are also flying in about Samsung possibly integrating VR into its device, and the existence of a VRSetupWizardStup APK file that it supposedly used in association with a Virtual Reality headset, so it seems like Samsung might be taking the experience of the smartphone to a whole other level. Maintaining the APK topic, we note that the device might also feature APK files that will help with the Quad HD display, and also the S-Health 3.5 software features.

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