Toggle display of Feedly Mini Icon


Feedly does a good service in the place of Google reader. But with it comes some annoyances. For instance there is feedly mini icon that shows up on the websites bottom-right corner or on the center of an image. This is frustrating for some users, you can’t enjoy the image or just don’t like the mini reader showing “save for later” with google plus, facebook, twitter and gmail icons when you click on it accidentally.


Feedly mini icon, has pref option when you click on the feedly mini icon, its in the bottom of the list as shown in the image above. Click on it to take you to Feedly preferences page, or visit this link where you can disable the mini icon totally.


But if you want it sometimes when you feel like sharing some thing for example you want to mail the picture of the rose to your dear ones, or for what ever reason you want it, I wrote a small bookmarklet that lets you toggle it. You hide it when its distracting and show it when you want.

Just drag the following bookmarklet to your browser bar,
Feedly Mini Icon Show/Hide

This way you don’t have to turn on and off manually by visiting the link. If you hate the mini icon totally and want it turned off, I hope the article was a little helpful in that regard as well.

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