Top 10 Google Tips and Tricks with Gorgeous Features

With millions of people hitting the Google search engine home page every day, many may have not known that there exists a plethora of amazing features and tricks on this Web site.

Even if Google’s search engine is accessed by millions of people every day, there are a lot of amazing tricks that people do not know about.

  1.  Do a Barrel Roll

This trick was first mentioned in an article from Gizmopod. To make the trick work you have to write “do a barrel roll” in the search box and then press enter. The search will start doing barrel rolls, rotation 360 degrees clockwise.

  1.  Atari Breakout

This feature has been cited in an article from the Business Insider. They said that this feature will make you lose a lot of time playing with it. To make this trick work you have to write “Atari breakout” in the search box and then press enter. There will appear images of blocks, and you can start a game after destroying the blocks.

  1.  Destroy Random Site

First time this feature has been mentioned was by Buzzfeed. You can go and destroy sites just like space invaders. To make the trick work you have to access “” in the address bar. At the bottom of the page you will see the option “destroy this site”, click that and you should be able to destroy the site.

  1.  Google Alarm

You can turn the search engine into an alarm clock. You can do that by typing whatever time you want to ( for example 1 hour) and add the word “timer” at the end of the time you chose. Google will start counting down and start ticking off when the time is up.

  1.  Flight Tracker

Another feature that Gizmopod highlighted is a flight tracking feature, that can track an flight without the use of the airline’s Web page. To do this all you have to do is type the airline and the flight number in the search box and then press enter. The time of arrival for the desired destination will pop-up in the search results.

  1.  Arcade Game

Another arcade game that you can play on the Google home page is called “Zerg Rush”. To start the game type “zerg rush” in the search box and press enter and a the arcade game will start. This feature has been highlighted by BuzzFeed.

  1.  Search face only

Gizmopod said that you can filter your image search result to show only  faces. Using this trick will make it so that when you type for example Lady Gaga in the image search bar, the result will only have pictures of her face. To do this you have to select the face option on the Type portion.

  1.  Explore the Universe

There is one feature that allows you to explore the universe. All you have to do is type in the address bar and the universe will appear. The images of the universe are images captures by NASA satellites, the Hubble Telescope and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. This feature has been highlighted by Business Inside.

  1.  Calculate a Celebrity’s bacon number

Buzzfeed said in one of their articles that you can calculated any celebrity bacon number. To do this you have to type the name of the celebrity in the search bar and at end add “bacon number”. For example, you can search Justin Timberlake’s bacon number writing “Justin Timberlake bacon number.

10.  Proxy Server

There is one trick that can be very useful. If you are at the office and the sites like Facebook, Twitter are prohibited you can easily access them by writing “” in the Google search bar. The web site will proxy and allow the user to acces the desired site.

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