Top 5 Minecraft Games for Android, iPad and iPhone

Minecraft has many fans in the world. The MineCraft: Pocket edition keep on being a best-seller every week. Even if has a lot of fans, there are people that are not buying it because of its high price of $6.99. We will show you the top alternatives to Minecraft that are not as highly priced, and they will also have you fighting and building, just like MineCraft does.

Terraria ($4.99)

Terraria has a side-scrolling perspective, the game looks like the classic 8/16 –bit games. The game is almost as complex as MineCraft, letting you fight, build, dig and explore the world. You can pick up weapons, you can also play with your friends. The game allows you to bring four player in the game with you, and what this feature allows you to do is amazing. You can work together, or even fight each other.

Block Story ($2.99)

Block story is like a new, medieval era of MineCraft. The game resembles a lot with Block Story also. The game features ten separate ecosystem, a large world to explore, and you also have the ability to summon creatures to help you survive. As the games goes on you can learn new abilities, that will help you with the tougher enemies.

The Blockheads (free)

The Blockheads is a free to play alternative of MineCraft. In this game you will be spawned in a randomly generated world, you can craft tools, and many other handy stuff. You can build weapons, even boats. There are some secondary fees of $0.99 and $9.99 that will get you a HD texture pack and crystals, but the game is still free to play.

Block Fortress ($1.99)

This also allows you to build and craft just like MineCraft, but what makes it special is that it lets you build very complex fortresses. This game allows you to build building like huge skyscrapers. The game has a massive crafting system. In the game you will have to compete with Goblocks who want to take your territory. This game has good visuals and a smooth gameplay system.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star (free)

If you want to try something new and different from the MineCraft theme you can try out the “Tiny Death Star”. This game is released by Lucas Films and it’s a free to play. What you can do in this game is build your own mega-space-station, and you get to see and employ familiar faces from the Star Wars movies. The game has the Star Wars soundtrack and it has a cute bit-style graphics.

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