Top Green Steps in Saving Android Battery Life

We all know that when you buy a smartphone, you cannot expect a long battery life. Some companies do give their handsets powerful batteries, but even those cannot last too long, considering how much all the device’s features drain the battery life. Think about LCD or AMOLED displays: those alone tend to consume your battery life quite a lot, although they do give great imaging. So, when you have a smart device, what can you do to prevent such a fast battery discharging? Here are our top 5 tips on saving battery life.

Before showing you our tips, we have an advice: don’t fully drain your battery so you don’t have to fully charge it. No matter the type of battery your handset houses (either Li-Ion or Li-Po), the battery does not have a “memory” meaning that if you don’t fully drain your battery you will have a better battery life throughout the years. If you charge it just a little a few times a day, your battery will preserve better than when you leave it for a couple of hours to fully charge.

1. This is a very interesting trick if your device holds an AMOLED screen, which you will encounter with most Samsung devices as well as some others. Find a dark background you like, because the AMOLED displays only illuminate the pixels with color. That means that black pixels are not illuminated so your battery life won’t be wasted on your screen doing its magic.

2. Not only can you set your background black, but you can also download themes that are especially dark colored to help with your battery draining. This advice is also directed to AMOLED device users.

3. Most smartphones will come with an auto button for your brightness level. We strongly advise to uncheck using that option, because the amount of brightness the phone automatically sets is way higher than what you actually need. You can set your brightness to a lower percentage to help save battery, and if you need a brighter screen (for example, when you are out in the sun) you can just turn it back up.

4. Don’t use vibrate mode. If you need to not be bothered, go for silent instead. If you don’t really need any silence, go for actual ringing because it drains less power than vibrating does. For that matter, we recommend turning off any haptic feedback because while it does feel nice, it doesn’t really have any porpoise and it is a battery drainer itself.

5. If by any chance you need another battery, don’t go for the cheaper option. Try buying the same type of battery the device comes with or buy something from a well-known company that won’t leave you with a low battery performance.


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