Trading Pro System Review: The Best Stock And Options Trading Course for Under $100

Are you looking to learn options trading on a dime?

If so, there are a ton of good courses and training programs available, but most of them are prohibitively expensive for beginners. In this Trading Pro System Review, I’ll show you the best stock and options trading course for under $100!

My Video Review

For starters, you can check out my video review of the Trading System Pro and learn why I think it’s one of the best options trainings out there:

What Is The Trading Pro System?

Trading Pro System Plus is one of the leading providers of options training programs in the country, and offers a great series of videos designed for traders from the beginning to the advanced level.

In my opinion it is the best training program available for under $100. The quality of training for this price is unbeatable.

You can check out a sample of the course in this video:

trading pro system review

In this post, I’ll go through the details of what’s included in Trading Pro System Plus, and tell you exactly why I think it’s the best option to learn trading for under $100.

Course Overview

Trading Pro System Plus is really two courses in one:

  1. The Trading Pro System
  2. The Winning Trade System

Combined, they provide over 30 hours of video content, and cover topics from portfolio building to specific options strategies, and everything in between.

The Trading Pro System Review

best stock and options trading courseThe Trading Pro System is the company’s flagship course and the most widely regarded of their offerings. The course introduces you to the basics of options trading, with a focus on trading stocks and ETFs. It quickly gets into the specific strategies that will help you build a profitable trading portfolio with minimal effort.

You follow along with a professional trader as he explains the ins and outs of why options work, what risks are involved and how to minimize them, and how to setup trades that can beat the odds and give you a better chance for success.

Most of the attention is put into 3 recommended trading strategies: Iron Condors, Credit, and Calendar Spreads. This is to focus your learning so that your trades can be most effective and profitable within the shortest period of time.

The Trading Pro System is broken into 11 core modules and 2 bonus modules:

  1. Introduction to Trading as a Business, which provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamental skills you need to master to be a successful trader, with a focus on risk management.
  2. Understanding How to use the Greeks, which will show you how to analyze your trades using Delta, Vega, Theta, and Gamma best practices.
  3. Trade Selection and Strategies details how to go about developing the perfect trading strategy for your portfolio, how and when to take positions and limit losses.
  4. How to build a successful Portfolio goes beyond the basics of diversifications and shows you how to put together trade groups that will work together to increase your profits and reduce your risk.
  5. Must Have Trading Tools takes you inside the Think Or Swim platform and shows you the power behind the most widely used trading software available.
  6. Portfolio Management is about more than just picking trades, its about knowing when and how to adjust them as your trade matures and approaches its expiration date.
  7. The Secrets of Trade Adjustments will take you above and beyond the masses by showing you how to adjust your position if the trade starts to turn sour. Learn when and how to recognize the signals you need to make a profitable change.
  8. How to close Positions for Maximum Profit teaches you everything you need to know about when to close your trades profitably, before the expiration date comes around.
  9. Complete Technical Analysis Overview gets into the nitty gritty details of the analysis you need in order to make good trade selections and continue to profit from your choices!
  10. Advanced Techniques and Wealth Building shows strategies that will work regardless of whether the market goes up or down. These advance strategies can cushion your portfolio while boosting your profits.
  11. Explosive Trading Strategy Examples shows several different methods that require longer term positions but can yield immense profits.
  12. Inside Days Trading System (bonus module) gives you the inside scoop on how to set yourself up for even higher profits.
  13. Extreme Trading Days (bonus module) shows you how to apply the principles of the course to a day trading system, so that you can make money more quickly.

The Winning Trade System Review

winning trade system reviewThe Winning Trade System was published after The Trading Pro System as a supplement and introduction to that course.

Whereas the primary course takes place at an intermediate to advanced level, the Winning Trade System takes a step back to go over the basics of options trading and how to get started even if you’ve never traded before.

The course is a 5 hour overview of options trading, and consists of 16 videos that cover essential topics like:

  1. Key metrics and indications you need before a trade,
  2. Common pitfalls of most beginning traders,
  3. What sets professional traders apart,
  4. The advantages of options trading over other options,
  5. An introduction to the Greeks and how to profit from them,
  6. Real life strategies and case studies,
  7. How to handle a down market,
  8. Using leverage to increase returns,
  9. The #1 skill you need to be successful,
  10. How and why to choose your options to sell, and
  11. Introduction to ETFs for the long term and short term strategy.

Why It’s The Best Under $100

60 day guaranteeThis program is, without a doubt, the best options trading course that’s available for under the $100 mark.

The breadth, depth, and quality of the material is unparalleled by other budget course providers. Usually, content of this caliber costs hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

Some of the leading options modules, for example, will easily charge $100-200 a month for access to their videos and services, while the Trading Pro System Plus is a one-time payment of only $77, with a 60-day money back guarantee!

For the combined deal of 2 courses in 1, that makes it an incredible value, and one that probably won’t last long!

Click the link below to get access today!

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