Try Pokki start menu along Stardock Start8 on your Windows 8

If you want to try Pokki start menu along with Stardock Start8, you can do it. Just uncheck “use Pokki as my start menu” when the installation begins to run. It will run along with Start8. It doesn’t uninstall or over write Start8, you are unchecking it to have Start8 as your default so you can still use Start8 when you hit the Windows key on keyboard.

Pokki start button sits next to Start8 on the Taskbar.


Pokki has over 500,000 downloads. Seems like most of them wanted it for the start button. You might want it, for the apps, to use or to develop. Like it states bringing your favorite app to PC, it’s twitter, facebook and other light weight apps. The thing with twitter is you have to sign in to only see the twitter home page. But you start to see it’s use, when tweets appear on the notification area on start menu. It also has angry birds, it just runs like the angry birds for PC.

Overall it looks like an engaging start menu with facebook, twitter and gmail integration on the notification area, toggle web search on and off with desktop search. With more apps it could do well.

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