Turn on notifications for Windows 8 apps in tablet

Notifications are popular with iphone or android phones. You get the most important and other notifications that are annoying all from the notification screen. Even when the phone is locked, you get, say, a gmail notification along with sound when a new mail comes in. For users using the Windows 8 on tablet, this feature is useful. When the tablet is locked, a notification comes in, you are informed quick. But by default it’s disabled. So how to turn it on?

You have to do this for each and every app you use, and more importantly that app has to have the notification feature. Let’s turn on the notifications on the lock screen for the weather app,

  • Launch the app from the start screen
  • Then, press Windows button + C to open up the charms bar, or move your mouse to your bottom right of the screen to get it.
  • On the charms, tap on the settings.
  • Now tap on the permissions. This should bring up the settings. (image below)

weather app win 8 permission

  • Look for notifications with a slider that is set to off under notification. Slide it to On.

weather app win 8 lock screen notification

Let’s say, I want to turn on notification to inform me of new emails even when my tablet is locked. I launch the mail app and do the same thing as above to turn on the notification on the lock screen. It’s a fairly simple process. This now lets you experience what you already do on your phones, on your Windows 8 tablet.

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