Turn your Android phone into a Webcam


IP Webcam an android app, is what we will be using for this purpose. You don’t need an internet connection to send video from your android phone to your computer. It works good but with a little lag. But that’s fine.

To turn your android phone into a network camera or a webcam you first need to install this app. This app is compatible with almost all of the android phones out there.

Once you have downloaded, running the app for the first time prompts you with a list of options to get you start broadcasting the camera feeds from your phone. The options, which I am including screenshots for better understanding and will explain one by one. So let’s get started,




This is first view of the list and then it scrolls down with more options. I have set a reasonable resolution of 320×240 which is good enough for a webcam, you can go 640×480 but will drain the battery soon. Also since you are going to use it for a webcam you can keep the phone charged. I have reduced the photo resolution to 640×480 from its higher resolution. Let the quality be 50, a default value. And the orientation to landscape.





The FPS or frames per second is set at a default value of 30, I have reduced it to 25 which is fine as well. All other values be default. If you want to set a login to your video feed, set one. You need to remember it, so  when you open the IP on your computer it prompts you to enter the login. If you forget it, no worries, you can set a new one and use it.






The default port 8080 will do, and let other values remain as is, as well.


Tap Start server to start streaming. It will use your home network IP to stream and you can access it at, This is your home network IP address and is like your router IP which is same for everyone. If you have set a login, the page asks for username and password. Once you have entered that, you will be shown a page where you can read how many ways you can access and view your camera feed on your desktop.

I chose open stream in media player, and opened the m3u file on VLC. It asks for a login before showing all what your camera captures.


[via timesofindia]

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