Twitter follow button – Code and features

Twitter follow button ,an official twitter widget, a small one, lets you follow any account from the push of a button on a webpage it shows up. .

The link to the button page on the Twitter’s resource page is, here:¬†

It’s easy to configure the button with your username as shown in the image above.

For additional features of the button, you can visit it’s documentation page here –

Features such as showing the followers count can be enabled by setting the parameter value of data-show-count to true, as it’s false by default.

The code to add looks so simple,

Change YOUR_TWITTER_HANDLE to yours, and that’s it. Set the data-show-count=”true” to shows the followers count.

This button, has additional features that are worth taking a look. On right-clicking this button, you can see 3 menu items are added to the existing context menu of Firefox.

The menus that gets added to the Firefox context menu on the top, as seen in the image below, is done with the Mozilla’s XUL Extensions.

Follow lets you follow that account. Tweet to @yourid opens a popup to quickly tweet, the other link opens that account in a popup window.

Javascript code, right click features, classy look, makes Follow Button  a much better option than the static follow me image link.

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