Two New Chromebook Models And NVIDIA K1 Chips From HP

The newest processing unit made available by Intel will apparently be hosted by two new Chromebooks models. The two devices will have 11 and 14 inches respectively, and will be placed under the “affordable” category.

Smaller 11 inch Chromebook has stylish design

First, we’re going to take a look at the smaller, 11 inch Chromebook model, which features a few upgrades when compared with its predecessor. For starters, it will pack a new processing unit,  as the Bay Trail Celeron processor will push the Exynos chip used previously to the side. The new unit will be housed inside a very slim and light body, with also features a very stylish design. Moving on, we notice the interesting storage combo used for the device, as 16 GB of eMMC memory has been allocated, alongside 100 GB for Google’s cloud storage. The RAM options will give potential customers the choice to get the device with either 2 GB, or 4 GB of RAM. The 11 inch Chromebook features both standard and less common connectivity options, such as HDMI, WiFi, USB, Bluetooth, and even 4G LTE. An HD web camera is also available. The 11.6 inch display, bearing a 1366×768 resolution, as well as the other features, will be sustained by the device’s battery for a maximum of 8 hours.

The New 14 inch Chromebook has minor changes

There are a lot of similarities between the new and old 14 inch Chromebook models. There are some things different with the new model, however. The processing power behind the device is the Tegra K1 chip manufactured by NVIDIA. Several improvements are noticeable in comparison to the previous model, as the performance rate is enhanced, as well as the device’s battery life. The memory section fatures multiple available options for both RAM and internal memory, as you can opt for either 2 or 4 GB of RAM, that will go with the included 16 or 32 GB of SSD memory. Just like the 11 inch version, the 14 inch Chromebook also features a slimmed-down body, for a more sleek design.

Both the 11 and 14 inch Chromebooks offer impressive performance when it comes to booting time and speed. Several services such as the Google Apps or Netflix, can be accessed from the Chromebook, among  other third-party applications.

The colour palette for the two Chromebooks feature new and lively options like Snow White, Twinkle Black or Ocean Turquoise, and also Smoke Silver, Neon Green and Sorbet Orange in the case of the larger, 14 inch version.

While the smaller model is slated for an October 5th release that will be paired with a $279.99 price tag, the larger, 14 inch Chromebook is expected to drop later that month, on the 22nd to be more precise. The starting price for this model is $299.99, so it’s a little pricier than the 11 inch model.


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