Unfair Advantage Options Training Course – Build wealth tax free?



Do you know what’s the key ingredient of a successful Investing? It’s consistency. To invest and reap the returns month after month, year after year. That’s the key to a successful investing. Same applies to Options. Knowing the secret to make a profit even when the market moves in any direction is a trait of a successful investor. You can’t ofcourse avoid the stock market’s roller coaster ride. But mastering that to not only survive in those moments but to make the market moves in your favor is all about successful investing.

Joe Colgan has been a case study of that kind of a successful options trader. He now wants to show you behind his curtains of what’s happening in his trading and wants you to achieve the same financial freedom he has achieved. Sounds too good to be true? Hold on a minute to see how it’s all comes to reality and what’s the catch in his offering.

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Unfair Advantage Options Training Course Review:

Joe Colgan calls his offer the Unfair advantage options training course. He is the author of that program. No matter which prices the stocks are moving, you get to make a profit, it’s his statement. For this program to work for you, you absolutely do not require the stock market basics at all.

There’s no stock picking involved. So you need not think about building a winning portfolio at all. But we all know the strengths of Warren Buffet and his portfolio, so many tried to copy his portfolio to get no where near him. Why is that? Because of his value investing concept that only says to pick a stock at the right time for a price that you calculate what the stock is worth and only invest when the market price is lower than what you have calculated.

Even if it works so well for Warren which apparently does, you cant copy it. You need his framework to start out on your own to get to even 10% of his net worth. Which doesn’t always happen and you need to go beyond your stock picking routine to achieve that. But what if options get you a higher return on your investment without going through all the stock picking? Unfair advantage options training course is just about that.

Joe over the years has developed a time tested strategy to trade options, so your guess work is all saved. You can use his strategy over and over again while building your trading skills rapidly. He goes on to say, once you have mastered the fundamentals, your trading session for a week lasts only about a couple of minutes. It works no matter whether your account is small or large. And to top of it all, you can use the money generated in your IRA to earn wealth Tax-FREE!

Now to the question most of you have in mind – Are trading options risky? Many investors think it’s risky, just because of the nature of trading options they are used to. Joe says there are risky ways to trade options and there also exists a simple and easy to learn trading strategies. Then why aren’t a lot of investors trade options? Because trading options was so hard to get in for a small time investors. Notice I said “was”. That means now it isn’t hard to get in that only professional trader used to have it all. With the internet, you can trade options online from brokers that offer very competitive commissions. So with the advent of internet options trading, it’s now possible for all kinds of investors to start earning with options. With Joe’s simple and easy to understand strategies, once when you mastered it, the money will pour in for only a couple of minutes per week trading sessions.

To sweeten the deal, there are now numerous options trading software that literally exploded this industry that major brokers like Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade are acquiring small options trading firms to acquire a lot of customers into their big network. One of the strategies Joe covers is Non-Directional options strategy. That essentially means you don’t care what direction the asset moves. As it is know fact that these move in a zig-zag pattern. So regardless of which direction the stock/asset moves, the Non-Directional strategy lets you capitalize whether the stock is up or down.

Joe’s Favorite Options Trading Strategy:

By now you should have known that it is Non-Directional. But his favorites are 2 aspects of Non-Directional options trading strategy. These are Credit spreads and Iron Condors. Iron condors are a pair of credit spreads. So let’s talk about Credit Spreads. This strategy is essentially selling the options rather than buying, as options lose value over the time and expire, you have a chance to make a lot of money when the options expires “out of money”. Since you are selling the options before that happens, you make a lot of profit.

How Non-Directional Credit Spreads strategy work?

You choose an option that expires in 4 week. That’s about a month. Which allows you to pick options every month. Okay now, since  these options expire and become worthless in about 4 weeks, this goes to “out of money” status. It’s when you make about 6-7% profit. If the options doesn’t go to “out of money” status. you then lose money, which is a loss. Wait! This is where an insurance plan comes into place. To avoid the loss, you buy an option at the same expiration date when you buy an option to sell it in 4 week initially. So that when the option doesn’t hit the “out of money” status you got another option that has a higher probability of hitting it and besides buying is lot inexpensive then selling and it’s process, you are covered. You are insured. To maximize your returns, you can get an Iron condors that gives you 12-14% returns which is exactly double than the Credit spreads. So insure it with an another options to avoid the risk of loss, and when you do it with Iron condors, you double the return.

So to recap, you open a Credit spreads and wait for it to expire. It expires when market moves are normal. When it’s abnormal, you adjust your position to reduce the loss. Over 80% of the time when you carefully manage your options you can come out of the trade with a profit. There is a price called as strike price, which is something you need to avoid. Because your options prices shouldn’t get too closer to the strike price after it expires.

So the critical thing for you to master will be to know when to come out of a trade by adjusting your positions to avoid or minimize loss. One thing to note here is any careless activity would wipe out months of trading profits. This is where Unfair Advantage Options Trading Course comes into picture to guide you with instructions and videos.


Non-Directional options trading is the best options trading strategy out there. Joe has over 10 years of experience with options and when he stumbled upon Non-Directional strategy, things started to change. He shares this strategy in full detail in his course that is priced at $297. You may think that’s a lot. But seeing the options courses all over the internet costing upto $3000. You will be relaxed and even feel it’s a steal compared to all other courses. Joe has made highly expensive mistakes when he was doing options under a trial and error approach. You don’t have to risk your money, if your only goal is to make money trading with a successful time tested strategy then Joe’s course is the best out there.

What you will learn from his course are listed below for you to see how inexpensive this course is compared to other $3000 courses. let me list the study material overview below,

Written Lessons and Supplemental Materials

  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1: Options Basics – Part 1
  • Lesson 2: Options Basics – Part 2
  • Lesson 3: Option Chains *
  • Lesson 4: Option Prices
  • Lesson 5: The Options Greeks **
  • Lesson 6: Covered Calls
  • Lesson 7: Protective Puts and Collars
  • Lesson 8: Straddles and Strangles
  • Lesson 9: Vertical Debit Spreads
  • Lesson 10: Vertical Credit Spreads
  • Lesson 11: Iron Condors – Part 1
  • Lesson 12: Iron Condors – Part 2
  • Lesson 13: Butterfly Spreads
  • Lesson 14: Calendar and Diagonal Spreads
  • Lesson 15: Types of Orders
  • Lesson 16: How Options are Exercised
  • Lesson 17: Commissions on Options Trades
  • Lesson 18: Selecting an Online Broker
  • Lesson 19: Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Lesson 20: Keeping a Trading Journal
  • Lesson 21: Risk Management
  • Lesson 22: Using an Options Advisory Service
  • Lesson 23: The Unfair Advantage System
  • Lesson 24: Getting Started as a Trader
  • Appendix A: Understanding Graphs
  • Appendix B: Additional Resources
  • Appendix C: Journal Sheets

* An option chain is a list of available options for a particular underlying and expiration date.

** The options Greeks are indicators of how sensitive an option’s price is to changes in: the price of the underlying (Delta); the time remaining to expiration (Theta); implied volatility (Vega); and certain other factors.

Video Tutorials

  • Video Tutorial No. 1: Option Chains
  • Video Tutorial No. 2: Advanced Option Chains
  • Video Tutorial No. 3: Order Entry (on the Trade Tab*)
  • Video Tutorial No. 4: The Monitor Tab *
  • Video Tutorial No. 5: The Analyze Tab *
  • Video Tutorial No. 6: Covered Calls
  • Video Tutorial No. 7: Protective Puts and Collars
  • Video Tutorial No. 8: Straddles and Strangles
  • Video Tutorial No. 9: Debit Spreads
  • Video Tutorial No. 10: Credit Spreads
  • Video Tutorial No. 11: Iron Condors – Part 1
  • Video Tutorial No. 12: Iron Condors – Part 2
  • Video Tutorial No. 13: Iron Condors – Part 3
  • Video Tutorial No. 14: Calendar Spreads
  • Video Tutorial No. 15: Diagonal and Butterfly Spreads
  • Video Tutorial No. 16: Charts
  • Video Tutorial No. 17: Chart Studies
  • Video Tutorial No. 18: Alerts and Resources

* These tab names refer to the free thinkorswim trading software offered by TD Ameritrade. Many of these video tutorials demonstrate analysis and execution of key options strategies using that software.

Trade to win. If this sounds like you, then give his program a fair try, you got 60-day money back guarantee to back you. My uncle lost about $20,000 without a good trading strategy in place. With Joe’s winning time tested strategy you have nothing to lose. Your trading life will change. You will get to know about new software and techniques to minimize loss and maximize profits. Don’t you agree, giving it a try will change your trading life from now on?