Unit converter app for Windows 8 and Android


For Windows 8:

ConvertPad for Windows 8, is a full featured unit converter, yet it’s full of ads. The ads are quite distracting on the home screen. Let’s see if this is any worth despite the ads.

The unit you can convert are, length, angle, temperature, mass, speed, area, time, fuel, volume, currency and clothes/shoe size. Type any number in the length, it gives you the conversion in all other units. Same goes for others. The clothes/shoe size converter is nicknamed sizepad.

Sizepad has unit converter for mens/woman all types of dresses and shoes. You can for instance see what’s a size 30 US men’s coat in Europe is, it’s 40. You can Google this and get the answer, but a converter app on tablet/phone is quite useful.

convertpad app screen

Currency converter has its own screen, with the option of choosing any currency to convert to whole other list of currencies. Currency conversion of Google is extremely good and useful. I doubt that people use an app for that.

The app excels in the dress size, volume and fuel conversion. The other conversions are good as well, if you get hooked into the app. This app offers utility and is not a made for ads one.

You can get ConvertPad for windows 8 here.

For Android:

There is an app with the same name, convertpad, not from the same windows 8 developer though. Android app came first with this name.

convertpad android units

This app has got a whole list of units. This in fact has got a whole lot of other units to convert compared to the Windows 8 app. It also has the currency conversion. The interesting ones are TOEFL score, cooking and typographical conversions. 1 jigger is 72 dash, I didn’t know about these 2 units before. Yes, it has all possible units to convert to. The app is updated and the conversion table doesn’t look like the image above.

The default is length as soon as you open the app. You then have to choose other units that you want to convert to, tap on the length and you get a list of other units to choose from. Tap on the unit to convert on the left, enter a number and you see all the conversion to other units down. You don’t have to choose units to convert to, but look for the units you want on the list of converted units.

The list of all units are,

Length/distance, weight/mass, area, volume/capacity, currency exchange rates, temperaturem fuel consumption, velocity/speed, flow -mass, steam tables, enthalphy, charge, electric current, radiation, luminance, shoe size men/women, circle/sphere and cooking.

These units above are added by default. You have even more. Tap on the context menu to get to the favorite category. You can then add other units to the selection. You can customize the app layout, currency exchange source and sequence settings from the settings screen.

Convertpad for android on Google play store.


Both the Windows 8 and Android app is units rich while the Android app having almost all the units imaginable. Both are free and has ads. Conversion app is big in itself that it needs an app on its own, You can’t always depend on searching at Google, you need to have an app for that, which does all the work for you,

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