View photos from place you are going to visit

Sometimes it’s better to have glimpse of a place before you decide to visit. Let’s say you are going to visit Pondicherry, India. Would you like to look some pictures of place and even better have it on a map, zoom and see pictures available taken from that street? Enter Panoramio, a photo sharing community that remembers the location exactly to its geo coordinates to show you pictures taken on a particular area on the map, zoom in to see more photos.


Panoramio is Google’s web service that lets you upload and share photos on the web. It determines the geographical location by geo tag in your photo, if your photo doesn’t have one, it lets you choose the location it was taken by dragging it on the map. All i wish Is google to have an app for panoramio for people to snap pictures on their mobile phone and upload it with their geo-coordinates. But till then the service looks good to get a quick glimpse about a location before getting there.

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