Viewing Amazon kindle ebook on PC & converting it to pdf

Amazon’s Kindle for PC app lets you view all the kindle ebooks you bought or got it for free, right on your PC without Kindle. The app remembers the last page you were on, on a book before closing it. You can lookup words, highlight and take notes and get book facts within the app. There is a bookmark feature to bookmark pages and manage them. WhisperSync  button that looks like a refresh button, lets you sync activity on this app across all other registered devices – kindle, computer, tablet or smartphones.

The location Kindle ebooks resides is at “My Kindle Content” folder in the My Documents folder. Ebooks have a .azw file extension.

This app has been around for months now. It supports mobi files as well. But to add other mobi or azw ebooks manually from devices other than kindle, say flash drive, you have to copy them to the “My Kindle Content” directory where all kindle ebooks reside. You won’t be able to see the new addition instantly on the screen. Clicking the Whispersync that looks like a refresh button wont do anything as well. Exit and starting again is the only way to update.

Converting Azw to Pdf

You can convert any DRM free Azw kindle ebook to pdf with Calibre, a free application that does a really good job of converting to pdf format.

  1. Download Calibre if you haven’t already.
  2. Go to the “My Kindle Content” directory or the directory you set to store kindle contents.
  3. Open Calibre, drag and drop AZW files onto the Calibre window. It takes a few seconds to add to the calibre library.
  4. Now still in Calibre, to convert, select the book you want to convert and click “Convert books”.
  5. Convert window opens up, you will notice the input format is set to azw, you just need to select the output format to pdf from the dropdown list. Hit ok, your azw is converted to pdf. The pdf resides at the “Calibre Library” directory where the folder of your ebook has all the formats you have. When you select the ebook from the Calibre list, on the right you see the PDF added to the formats.
  6. You can convert it to all available formats as shown in the output drop-down.

For the DRM protected kindle books, see this post. The program on that page to remove DRM lets you try it free for 3 times. You then have to buy it, to activate it. There is a free of cost method of removing the DRM, as demonstrated in this article. Though its a bit of time consuming compared to the paid one, its worth it.

With Kindle for PC and Calibre, you can view Kindle ebooks and convert it to other formats all on the PC.

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