Want To Get The New Apple Watch? Read This Review and Learn Where To Get The Best Deal

So, you’ve heard about the launch of the new Apple watch coming out this week and are ready to get in?

There’s a few things you should know first.

Perhaps most importantly is that you’d be a sucker to fall for the standard retail deal. There are a ton of other ways to get your hands on an Apple watch, without paying full price…or even anything at all.

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What Is The Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is the latest and greatest touch device to come out of our favorite techy-geek provider. Basically, it’s a smart watch that has a ton of functionality that could be ported over from your iPhone or iPod touch.

So, what is the apple watch? What apps does it have?

The app collection is partly unique, and partly culled from existing mobile apps. Since this is a wearable wrist device, the main focus centers around functionality that would be ineffective for a “bulky” phone or tablet.

For example, there’s great running tracker and fitness capabilities, along with some cool health monitoring apps and even chat apps.

What Does Apple Watch Look Like?

It’s amazing to me how many people are wondering what the Appl Watch looks like. That’s because it looks like, well…a watch.

Apple Watches Collection

Currently, the watch is available in a lime green, smooth silver, or leatherback design. There have been some hints that apple might expand the design choices in the future, but nothing definite as of you, and, well, we know how ¬†apple watch rumors spread…

apple watches collection

Apple Watch Review

Check out this video for a complete review of the Apple Watch, and what life is like with it!

Where Can I Buy Apple Watch?

Obviously, you can buy Apple Watch from any Apple store or online at apple.com, but your best bet may actually be to go with a third party provider.

Unlike a computer or phone, where you’re going to want access to all those cool Apple extras, training, and genius-bar appointments, the watch is straightforward, and you can find much better deals than the standard in-store retail price.

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