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stream the martian online freeThe Martian is a 2015 movie starring Matt Damon, and based on the novel by Andy Weir.

Set in the near future The Martian full movie is primarily the story of a single man and his incredible fight for survival in the harshest conditions imaginable.

The movie begins with a team of scientists exploring Mars on one of the first manned missions to the planet. Suddenly, a dust storm comes out of nowhere and the team is forced back to the ship. Amidst the strong winds and low visibility, Matt Damon’s character is unable to make his way back to the ship, and when the team can’t find him – his communication channels were lost – they presume he is dead and was swept away in the storm.

The team heads back to Earth with the ship, leaving Matt Damon stranded, alone, on a planet with no livable resources, and very few supplies.

Damon is able to find a few supplies left behind on a previous mission, and constructs a simple tent-like living quarters, which he proceeds to use as a greenhouse to attempt to grow food.

The bulk of the story is told from his perspective alone on the planet, as he keeps a daily video log to transmit back to Earth. It takes him some time to get the feed working, but he is ultimately able to transmit back to Earth, though he has no way of receiving any information from them. Alone, he doesn’t even know if NASA knows that he is still alive and is receiving his transmissions.

The eternal optimist, Damon’s character begins to think of the logical options he has for survival, which he calculates as needing to stay alive until the next planned mission, many months later. Furthermore, he realizes that he will need to meet the mission on a different part of the planet, since his current region is not scheduled for future exploration.

Thus, Damon begins not only to grow his own food, but to convert the materials he has into a rover that can traverse long distances across the planet, and hopefully take him to meet the next crew that will be arriving a few months later.

Back on Earth, NASA marvels at the fact that Damon managed to survive as long as he has, and scrambles to get a spacecraft headed towards Mars as quickly as possible, accelerating the schedule of the next ship.

Ultimately, Damon is saved and brought back to Earth an international hero, having essentially single-handedly colonized Mars.

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