The Wealthy Affiliate University Review: An Inside Look

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most talked about affiliate marketing training courses available online. The platform boasts over a hundred thousand members, and is famous for its incredibly high rate of success stories. So high, in fact, that it’s almost unbelievable.

So, is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or legit opportunity?

This is the review of the course that will put a test to the myths and wonders of this affiliate marketing training course.

To sign up for the free starter course and judge for yourself, click here:

Brief Overview of Affiliate Marketing

Before we get into the details of what’s included with the Wealthy Affiliate membership, let’s take a brief look at affiliate marketing, and whether or not it’s a viable way to earn money online.

how does affiliate marketing workBasically, affiliate marketing is the process of earning commissions for referring users to products online. When you read a product review (like this one) and then make a purchase, the referring website earns a commission.

Affiliate marketing is a $15 billion dollar a year industry in the US alone, and unlike other forms of online advertising, the overwhelming majority of affiliate marketers are individuals and small companies, not giant corporations.

If you’re looking to make money online then yes, affiliate marketing can be a good way to do so. To be successful you’ll need to build a website or blog and then produce relevant, valuable content for your readers.

That’s exactly what Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to do.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

The Wealthy Affiliate membership is broken down into two categories: starter and premium.

The starter program is free, and offers a complete introductory course on affiliate marketing. Through a series of 10 video lectures (each with supplementary material provided, included blogs, trainings, and step by step actions to take), you’ll be taken from ground 0, with absolutely no knowledge of how internet marketing works, through the process of choosing a profitable niche for your site, building a site with WordPress, and writing your first few pieces of content.

By the end of the free course, you’ll have your own website up and running and will have set the stage to start earning money online.

I have to say that I was impressed with how clearly and easily all of the information was presented. Most of the members have little or no prior experience marketing online, so Wealthy Affiliate incorporated plenty of tools (including 2 free websites, free hosting, and a one click website builder that automatically sets up the necessary WordPress plugins) to help.

The philosophy is simple: get your website live ASAP, and improve and refine your skills as you go.

What’s Included in the Premium Membership

While the starter course is the most comprehensive free affiliate marketing course I’ve come across, the reality is that it probably isn’t enough to make you a successful internet entrepreneur.

For that, you’ll need to access the premium content. Membership starts at only $19, so it’s still a great deal.

The premium membership includes:

  • More than 100 video classes, including courses on keyword research, content writing, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and PPC marketing,
  • An active membership community with over 100,000 members,
  • Live chat and private messaging to network and get help,
  • Thousands of additional trainings, blogs, and other supplementary material
  • Free unlimited website hosting,
  • Free keyword research tools,
  • Weekly webinars and new trainings.

Here’s a side by side look at the starter vs. premium membership options:

Real Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

Rather than give you a long spiel about how great the members of this program are, and outline all of the Wealthy Affiliate success stories out there, I think it’s better to let the results speak for themselves.

Here are 3 screenshots of real people inside of the WA membership area, blogging about their success:

Scott made over $3,500 in less than a year working with the program. You can see his growth chart here. He not only has a website with hundreds of daily visitors, but can convert those visitors into real cash in his pocket!

wealthy affiliate review


Lynn made $1,250 in her first year, starting from scratch. We she joined Wealthy Affiliate, she had no idea how websites worked, or how to make money online. She writes: “WA taught me most everything I know about making websites. Lot’s of little pieces that made a puzzle complete!”

wealthy affiliate reviews


Christene has made some serious money with this program. She shows a sales snapshot in the image below. Each of those sales is worth an average of $100! That means those 216 sales made her $21,600!!!

wealthy affiliate university review


Wealthy Affiliate: Scam or Legit?

Now that we’ve seen what’s inside the membership area, we come to the number 1 question most people have before they sign up:

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

Absolutely NOT.

This program is 100% legit. It combines a reputable topic area with comprehensive training. Even though it fits into the “make money online” industry (which is chock-full of crappy trainings and scams), this program is more honest and genuine than any of its competitors.

The main point that evidences this isn’t just the number or quality of the courses, but the fact that the two owners consistently say that making money online shouldn’t be some get rich quick scheme, but a long term, viable business.

The focus is on how to earn money by providing value and building a business over time. There are no false hopes or promises. If you look through some of the success stories (which you can access with the free version), you’ll see that this is something that normal, everyday people can accomplish.

No pipe dreams of becoming a millionaire in 30 days, just the strategies and techniques you need to build a profitable internet marketing business over time.

Is It Right For You?

Now that we’ve looked at what Wealthy Affiliate is and why it’s most definitely not a scam, the only question that remains is whether or not this program is going to be right for you.

I’m not going to lie: affiliate marketing isn’t for everyone. If you do sign up, here’s what you should expect:

You won’t earn anything if you don’t work for it, but the work is on your time and your schedule.

You can work from anywhere, and write about almost any topic you can think of, because the training shows you how to find profitable niches in any industry.

You can learn the fundamentals of what you need in a few weeks, but it will take a few months to master them.

You probably won’t earn money in the first 30 days.

The people who are really successful commit to their businesses for a minimum of 6 months.

If you can get on board with those 5 principles, and set realistic expectations for yourself, then affiliate marketing may be right for you.

The basic principles aren’t difficult to learn, and you don’t need any experience online to get started. If you follow this program, you’ll be able to get the knowledge you need while you start building your business.

So, if you’re interested in building a real source of passive income that will grow steadily over time, you can check out the training by clicking the link below.

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