Webbygram gives a web interface to instagram, making a best use of its API

With the recent acquisition of the popular mobile social photo sharing app Instagram by Facebook for $1billion, Instagram gets more bigger and popular so that a person like me who has never even used Instagram before (only available on mobile) can experience it now on my laptop with the help of @mulligan‘s Webbygram.

Webbygram as an unofficial web version of instagram makes a good use of its API, where you can login to your Instagram account, comment or like photos like you do on your mobile all on its minimalistic web interface. And all the activity you do on Webbygram is stored on your Instagram account. It’s done with the instagram’s API. The home page shows the popular photos, the ones with more likes and comments, refreshed every 10 min(guessing).

Log in to see yours and your friend’s profile, photos and likes and comments. You can tweet it, share it on facebook, pin it… Webbygram makes it easy for you preserving Instagram’s mobile look and feel but just amplifying the experience on your laptop and desktop and lets all others you never have used instagram before experience it for the first time. For users of Instagram, it’s their wish come true!


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