What Is The Best Premium WordPress Theme of 2015? The Answer Revealed

Much has been said about WordPress themes and much information given about high-end themes that people would like to use.

There are those who love colorful themes that help in creating websites that could help them have more people who may be attracted.

But if you are not bothered by the bells and whistles that come with most themes perhaps it’s time you looked for simple clean themes, themes that are responsive and functional or funnel themes, then perhaps you should be interested in my top choice for the best premium wordpress theme.

Best Premium WordPress Theme

The result? ACME Theme.

This is a great theme that is easy to set up, clean and very responsive. It is ideal for someone who wants to create a landing page or if you are just looking to create a member area or a member blog.

Check Out this video for a glimpse of what’s included:

best premium wordpress theme video

ACME Premium Theme Features

So what are some of the features contained in the ACME theme that make it so special and cool please check some of these features here;

  • The ACME theme comes with an Easy Upload of to replace Text Title. This a very cool and simple feature that enables you to change the image Logo and place it at the title text.
  • There is also an optional Banner to the right of the Logo that you have just created using the above feature.
  • The ACME theme also comes with the Optional Ad Unit or Custom Html Box Above Container. There is also a reverse version of this known as the Optional Ad Unit/Custom Html Box Below Container.
  • There is also a very simple and functional Custom Background Feature.
  • The new version of ACME also comes with Container Border options that can enable you to change the border shape to either rounded, square or just leave it with no border shape.
  • There are also Four footer widgets.
  • Custom navigation menu below Container.

There are many more features that can be found with this new version of ACME theme.

Learn More

Most of them can be learned from the video that features in acmetheme.com.

The video is very descriptive and clear for anyone to understand. This theme is a very useful for those looking to create simple WordPress sites.

The features are very clear and simple to use. Once you decide to have a WordPress site, you may be able to get this great theme together with other themes otherwise it is a very cheap theme that is destined to take your WordPress site to greater heights.

It is a recommended theme for anyone who is interested in a more responsive and functional WordPress site.

learn more here

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