When Youtube video’s views gets frozen and is stuck at a same count

Well, if that’s the case what’s that video?

It is,

It’s Nike’s new Advertisement that’s been uploaded to Youtube only less than 2 days ago, at 21st August. It got a 1.4 million views already. But it’s frozen, stuck at a view count of 1,471,404. We all know that after watching a video its view count doesn’t immediately increase. There is a lag or latency.

youtube view count latency

(source: Google Developers – Youtube)

The lag, as you can see in the image above is mostly 2 hours. But when a lag is more than than, then it’s interesting.

Look at the screenshot to see what I mean.

nike ad 1.4m views in less than 2 days

I know that comment you see, has been posted only an hour ago. But this lag is interesting as the view count stood the same for hours. Makes me wonder how Youtube is now processing view hits.

Now moving onto the AD. This 2 interesting facts made me to blog about this. What’s the second fact? It’s the video itself.

Nothing there was before this interesting. The Nike’s AD, no idea if it’s currently running on TVs in US. It would make a great Super Bowl commercial. But it’s a sensation on Youtube.

The tweet of Nike’s also has got a lot of retweets.

nike retweet stats

There must be something special to this video.

What I found from observing after repeated plays?

There are hidden meanings, what lesson the fighting guy learn?

Why the video ended that way?

Does this mean the AD says there’s only so much you can do. I think of course yes. it’s just the matter of time, how much time you put into something to keep getting better at it. Serena obviously has put a lot of her time to get to where she is now, so do the fabulous slam dunk guy. But the take away from this is “just do it” no matter what!

Why should a big boy hurt a kid?

Has he learnt a lesson?

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