Why iPad Air is Weaker than Samsung Galaxy Tab S

The competition for the best tablet is a fierce competition. The contenders are the iPad Air and the newly released Samsung Galaxy Tab S. Samsung is aiming for the first place in the tablet market with this product, and indeed the Samsung Galaxy Tab S is better than the iPad Air, here is a list of six things that the tablet from Samsung can pull off that the iPad Air can’t..

Fingerprint Sensor

You can make transactions a lot more safer using Samsung Galaxy Tab S because they have a fingerprint sensor installed in the home button that can be authenticate payments, making PayPal a lot more safe.

Adaptive Display

The Galaxy Tab S has the best pixel density out there using the Super AMOLED display that is known to have the best rich color reproduction. Another great feature for the display is the adaptive display which allows the user to read even in sunlight. The screen auto-adjusts its color and sharpness using external light conditions.


Another great feature is the SideSync that can be used to control your smartphone through his tablet. You can transfer files and even make calls with your phone using your tablet. The SideSync feature works on the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 and also Note 3.

Multi-Window Mode

The multi-window mode allows to user to have two apps open at the same time.

Smart Stay

The first time we saw this feature was on the Galaxy S4. This feature uses sensors that monitor the user’s eyes. The feature pauses videos if the user takes his eyes off the display.

Kids Mode

This feature is a mode. It can be used when kids are using the tablet. This feature allows the parent to have control over the tablet, even the UI, making the tablet a more kid Friendly.

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