Windows 8.1 Update 2 Release Date in August – Compatible With All Devices

There have been rumors that the Windows 8.1 Update was to be released on August, rumors are now saying that we should expect the update to be released on 12th August.

The rumor of the launch of the Update 2 on 12th August has not yet been confirmed by Microsoft. Microsoft usually release bug fixes and patches on the second Tuesday of every month, they refer to it as “Patch Tuesday”. One of the reasons to be believe that the update will be released on 12th of August is that this date has been predicted by the PCPortal Russian site and they have a good reputation when it comes to predicting release dates.

People are expecting that the Update 2 will bring the Start menu or a mini version of it, but Neowin are claiming that Microsoft’s Update 2 might now have that. Ubergizmo are saying that Microsoft will leave that for the Windows 9 Treshold, that is expected to be released around April 2015.

People are expecting the mini Start menu to come with the Windows 8.1 Update 2 because Microsoft have showed it in the BUILD 2014 event, and it raised interest to all the Windows OS users. However, the update will probably be focus more on fixing bugs and provide more stability.

Ubergizmo said that they believe Microsoft want to create an operating system that they can use for all segments. For example there won’t be different operating systems for Windows, Windows Phone or the Xbox  anymore. They are saying that the origin of this rumor is caused by a recent job offer posted on the Microsoft site that might have caught @x0x0d attention.

Ubergizmo has also reported that Apple might want to do the same thing. Apple have actually started to introduce iOS features to the OS X. The process might go further with the new operating system that will be released for Macs.

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